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SRC General Representatives byelections – manifesto reviews and analysis

By Ollie Rudden, Silas Pease and Giselle Inglis

Four candidates with the most votes will be elected.

On Thursday 15 October, voting opens to elect four general representatives of the SRC student council. Here are the candidates and their manifestos with review and analysis.

Bailey Camack 

Bailey is a second year Common Law student running for SRC General Representative. Bailey was an SRC freshers’ helper during this year’s Freshers’ Week and states that this has given him an insight into the great work that the SRC does. Last year, Bailey was also an ordinary board member of Student Theatre at Glasgow and hopes to use this experience to bring a creative, collaborative and committed mindset to the SRC. He outlines that he is passionate about being involved in the SRC’s mission to provide students with more opportunities to thrive. 

Among Bailey’s main objectives is an encouragement for entire student body participation in “Let’s talk about Sexual Violence” training sessions, as well as developing collaborative events between societies for cross-campus communication and engagement. In addition to this, Bailey is looking to increase digital access to mental health services provided by the SRC and the University, particularly for home students and those isolating. 

In his manifesto, Bailey outlines that he will campaign for increased commitment to sustainable practices on campus to help tackle the climate emergency and promote increased participation in RAG Week to improve the student relationship with the wider Glasgow community. 

Mia Clarke 

Mia is a postgraduate student who has been working for the SRC for the past year as a class representative trainer. Mia also previously held the position of class representative during her second and third years of studying, while also being an SRC freshers’ helper. 

Outside of the SRC, Mia has previously been the treasurer of Student Theatre at Glasgow and Glasgow University Shakespeare Society, while working part-time throughout her undergraduate degree. Mia states that through this, she has knowledge of how hard student life can be and, as such, will be able to effectively represent the student body.

In her manifesto, Mia’s main objectives focus on improving student life during the pandemic, including a new campaign to promote inclusion of students away from campus due to the pandemic; with the SRC working to alleviate some of the pressures of studying away from campus. Mia wants to give greater promotion of the SRC Advice Centre to students, while also campaigning for more teaching resources to be recorded. This would include seminars, which students may miss due to time differences or work commitments. Mia’s manifesto is underpinned by the fact that University life has changed and she wishes to lead as General Representative to navigate these changes. 

Damien Ealey 

Damien has spent the last year sitting on the council as school representative of Maths and Stats. He states that this experience gave him an insight into how the council works, making him ideal for the role of General Representative this year. 

Damien’s manifesto is based on the safety of the students at the University. He states that he would focus his efforts on ensuring that, when the campus is finally reopened, it is done so in a safe and secure manner. Damien would also work to guarantee that every student feels safe when the time comes to return to University campus life. In order for this to happen, he acknowledges that he will need help from as many students as possible and will make sure that there is an adequate level of safety for everyone’s standards. 

Damien finishes his manifesto by ensuring that it is equally important to look after both people’s mental wellbeing as well as their physical, especially when Covid-19 has had such detrimental effects on both. 

Lyndsey Fletcher 

Lyndsey is a postgraduate Bioinformatics student, and her reason for running for General Representative is based on her experience first-hand of issues for students at the University of Glasgow throughout her undergraduate degree. 

Lyndsey’s manifesto is aimed at supporting students throughout their studies, ensuring students know where to get help and that they feel comfortable doing so. In order to do this, Lyndsey plans to regularly reach out to other students, through (socially distanced) visits to halls/lectures as well as undertaking anonymous surveys. Lyndsey also wants to ensure that no new student is left alone, so would encourage older students to meet with younger students, be it in person or online, for support with the University, mental health, or just a chat. Lyndsey acknowledges the difficulty of leaving University in the current climate, stating in her manifesto that she would support final year students who will be entering a vastly altered job market at the end of their degree. 

Lastly, Lyndsey outlines that she would work with societies during this difficult time, ensuring they have the support to survive in order to continue the University community we have now, long into the future. 

Sahej Grover 

Sahej is running for General Representative because he believes that in these unprecedented times, the SRC needs strong voices that will not shy away from challenging the University on their treatment of students. 

Sahej believes that he is the perfect candidate for a job which requires confidence and great communication skills. He worked alongside his fellow tenants in his accommodation to get a rent rebate for the lack of use of the communal areas; they gathered a petition with over fifty signatories which succeeded. As a result, the communal facility in his accommodation will be opened gradually to make it Covid-19 secure. Sahej states that this example shows how collective campaigning can achieve results and he promises that he will fight for every problem reported to him as if they were his own. 

In Sahej’s manifesto, he commits to keeping students safe and becoming a collective voice, giving his all to make sure he keeps the promise of holding the University to account on student issues. 

Marlies Humpelstetter

Marlies is a fourth year Politics and Philosophy student who is passionate about social policy, student support and welfare. As General Representative, Marlies’ priority would be to make sure that students know their rights and can advocate for themselves. 

Marlies looks to achieve her goal of educating students on their rights by organising housing information sessions for first year students in cooperation with the SRC Advice Centre so they can find affordable and safe accommodation. This event would also raise awareness of the SRC Advice Centre and their work. Marlies would also set up employment rights information sessions to support students in insecure work, dealing with zero-hour contracts, work-place harassment/discrimination, low pay or simply difficulty finding a job. In addition to this, Marlies would also set up an online forum to match Glasgow students who are going abroad for a semester/year with incoming exchange students looking for a flat to sublet. 

As General Representative, Marlies also wishes to build a connection between GU Volunteering and clubs and societies that have a charitable focus. In doing this, Marlies aims to boost engagement and create more opportunities for students. 

Rose Lakatos 

Rose is a first-year Medical student running for General Representative. In her previous degree at the University of Aberdeen, Rose was the LGBTQ+ forum convenor, NUS Scotland Women’s Committee member, and the Student Council Vice-Chair. Rose aims to bring these years of experience representing the student community as she learns how things work in Glasgow. 

Rose’s objectives as General Representative are ensuring that the University remains accessible for EU students’ post-Brexit, as fees are set to match international student fees. As well as this, Rose aims to ensure that equality and diversity are kept as a key part of policymaking. Rose would work as a General Representative to work on the key issues affecting students, in making sure that students’ voices are heard and maintaining an active voice on the SRC committee while continuing to learn its structure. 

Jamie McKay 

Jamie is a third-year Physics and Astronomy student running for the position of General Representative of the SRC. Jamie has previously been an SRC freshers’ helper as well as an SRC Ambassador, both of which have given him great insight into the workings of the SRC, encouraging him to take on more responsibility by representing students. 

With the current pandemic, Jamie’s manifesto focuses on supporting student mental health by increasing involvement with “Find a Mate while you Isolate” session and the “Mind your Mate” workshops; this is particularly targeted at new and self-isolating students who may be struggling. Jamie also aims to encourage lectures to make full use of online resources to ensure that online learning is accessible to all students. Jamie believes that this could be done by using transcripts to accompany lectures and Microsoft Teams to support communication between students and staff. 

In other areas, Jamie aims to make training available for clubs and societies so that students can be properly supported by the SRC board and committee members, while also building a better sense of community within schools with more assisted learning and school-specific workshops to create relations between different year groups. 

Tiegan Meadows

Tiegan is a second year English Literature student on a mission to improve the student experience for all. After being inspired during her time as a freshers’ helper, Tiegan wants to be a general representative as she believes student experience is a “crucial” aspect. She knows this fully well after dropping out of her previous studies elsewhere due to a lack of student experience having a serious impact on her mental health and wants to make sure no student at Glasgow suffers the same. 

If elected, Tiegan has four objectives she wants to achieve in the role. These include pushing to address the disparity in technology between students, which she argues is now more important than ever, as most students will be doing their learning remotely which requires “reliable wifi and laptops”. Mental health is also a massive priority, and Tiegan wants to spread awareness of the University’s Counselling and Psychological Service (CAPS). as well as increase student engagement with “Mind Your Mate” mental health training. Furthermore, she wants to provide constant online events for students to help battle loneliness and isolation.

Miko Mojsiej

Miko is a second year Law student who believes the University to be in need of real change due to a serious lack of student input in high-level decision making. He states: “Who does this University belong to? Students? Or the executive? If you are reading this, I think you know the conclusion I came to.”

Miko has four aims he wants to achieve if elected in the role, one of which is to make every part of the University executive directly accountable to students, with students involved in the highest level of decision making. One of his more unique proposals is creating a “Student Music Scheme” to allow students to use all musical facilities on campus and learn a new musical instrument if desired. Additionally, he calls for more online socials, mental health events and academic support groups, as well as 24-hour library access.

Aashiq Muhiadeen

Aashiq is a second year student in Civil Engineering who is standing for General Representative as he wants to have strong diversity from different students, faculties and year groups in ensuring all views are represented. Aashiq states he is a “driven, confident, and goal-oriented leader who understands the value of teamwork”. 

Aashiq has extensive experience of leadership and teamwork, being a Sergeant in the Singapore Civil Defence Force and having studied at an international school in Dubai that had over 100 different nationalities, the latter he argues will see him act as “a bridge for the social and communication needs of a diverse melting pot community”.

His two pledges if elected include allowing students to voice their opinion regarding the affairs of the University, and ensuring all decisions made by the SRC council are designed to benefit all students regardless of faculty. 

Rory Mullen

Offering his salutations is Rory, a fourth year student studying English Literature. Rory is a home student who has lived in Glasgow his entire life, and has an extensive CV as President of the Shrek Society, a class representative and most importantly, “the reincarnation of Queen Anne Stuart”. Rory wants to use his experience by stepping up to a role on the SRC council to further contribute to student life in Glasgow.

If elected, Rory has seven priorities he will make as a general representative, which include greater representation and increased support for home students and those native to the greater Glasgow area, the provision of other forms of leisure to maximise the student experience, and promoting the SRC to ensure all students have a great understanding of its role and the work it has done. Rory also hopes to ensure all students have a University facemask and to be an approachable and accessible student representative for all students. His final priority: “Vote for marshmallow flumps and Halva.”

Mirabelle Ostle

Mirabelle is an enthusiastic final year student in Geography looking to become a general representative for the SRC. Mirabelle states she has a very good understanding of the importance of communication given her experience in studying abroad and being “outgoing” with membership of the Mountaineering Club and previously Glasgow University Pole Dancing Club. She feels this gives her a good understanding of what clubs are all about and their importance to life at the University. 

Mirabelle stresses that this academic year will be a challenge and it is important to ensure students are “safe, well-informed” and importantly “happy”. Her key promise if elected is to help with loneliness on campus and work with the SRC with ways to help the stress surrounding this. Her ideas include having more therapeutic arts and sporting sessions available for students in hopes this will combat high stress levels among students, especially during current Covid-19 restrictions and with assessments deadlines not too far away. 

Eva Simmons

Eva is a politically conscious student who has extensive experience in activism. This includes work with Extinction Rebellion “both on and off campus” where she helped in the making of the student led “Green New Deal” currently being processed in the University court, as well as having an active role with Living Rent Union at a local level and as part of members defence. Eva states that students need to have a loud voice and that the University needs to listen to its student population to ensure we are all safe and have good wellbeing and mental health. Eva wants to ensure the University is putting students first and not profit, and stresses that students suffering during Covid-19 will be her priority if elected.

Ethan Wilson

Ethan is a medical student vying for one of the spots as general representative in the SRC. With many years of experience acting as a representative in a variety of academic, social, and extracurricular fields, and managerial experience from leading a Scotland-wide committee, Ethan believes he would be a perfect fit for the role. 

In his manifesto, Ethan stresses the need for greater diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusion across campus, and especially in curriculums for healthcare-related courses. This ties in with his broader focus on student health and wellbeing, as he also hopes to be able to raise awareness of mental health issues, and to increase access to sexual health screenings. Given the current situation, Ethan hopes he will be able to help students to feel more connected with each other, in spite of their geographical distance. Above all else, Ethan states he wants to help students with whatever issues they have.

You can find manifestos here: will open at 9am on October 15 2020. All registered students can do so at


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