Credit: Kaukab Stewart for Glasgow Kelvin

MSP Sandra White backs Kaukab Stewart as her successor

By Silas Pease

If she wins the election, Stewart will be the first woman of colour to be a representative in the Scottish Parliament.

Local MSP Sandra White has backed candidate Kaukab Stewart to be her successor in the May 2021 Scottish Parliament Election. Should she win, Stewart would make history as the first woman of colour to win a seat in the Scottish Parliament. 

White, the MSP for Glasgow Kelvin since 2011 and an elected representative for three decades, decided to retire from the position due to personal reasons and Covid-19 having an effect on her work. White has chosen to support Stewart’s campaign for election, as she believes she has “a wealth of experience, but most importantly she has compassion and the interests of people at her heart”.

Stewart, a former teacher and activist, believes she is well-qualified for the position, and states in a recent video from her YouTube channel that she will be able to “retain this constituency and go on to win our independence”.

Voting for candidates for SNP members in Glasgow Kelvin runs from 23 October to 6 November, and the Scottish Parliament Election is scheduled to be held on 6 May next year.


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