Credit: Glasgow University Union

Covid-19 plans for Daft Friday 2020

By Matilda Handley

The 112th Daft Friday will be used to show the work of the GUU’s painters and builders.

The Glasgow University Union will still be hosting their annual Daft Friday event, though the Union has made some changes to ensure safety during pandemic restrictions.

Typically held on the last day of first semester, Daft Friday (and branded as D*** F*****) will still be put on by the Union – starting in November, the Union will be showcasing elements of the historic event.

Daft Friday is usually a 12-hour Hive event. Even though this will not be possible to host, the Union will still be displaying the boards with paintings from the secret theme, hoping the event will be held within the building if restrictions permit. However, they also have alternatives set up for if the event has to move fully or partially online.

Blake Gray, GUU honorary secretary, told The Glasgow Guardian: “D*** F***** has happened every year since 1908, including through two world wars, and whilst it’s going to have to be different this year, GUU’s legendary builders and painters have no intentions of giving up on the best event of the year!

“We’re committed to supporting and celebrating the incredible creativity of the team that makes the event a reality, bringing joy to thousands of students every year. 

We really want to showcase the history of D*** F***** and celebrate what it has meant to students across the ages so that we can keep the magic alive for this year’s students. As part of our 90th anniversary project for our building at 32 University Avenue, we’ve been hearing tons from previous students and alumni with wonderful stories, from couples who met at D*** F***** in the 1940s through to artists, designers, and engineers who got a start in their careers by being involved on the committee, with all sorts of fun and antics involved in between.”


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