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Railway admin fees suspended for students travelling home for Christmas

By Ollie Rudden

The suspension will last for the duration of the student travel window from 3 to 9 December.

Students who booked train tickets to travel home before the announcement of the student transfer window can now rebook their tickets without being charged admin fees.

Students who bought an advanced ticket before 11 November for a date of travel after 9 December can now change their tickets to a one during the travel window without paying the fee which can cost up to £10.

Flexible tickets such as anytime or off-peak can already be rebooked without paying an admin fee. 

The student travel window was announced by the UK government earlier this month. Lasting from 3 to 9 December, it was created to allow students to return home from university once England’s lockdown restrictions have been lifted while trying to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Grant Shapps, secretary of state for transport said: “Students will be eager to be at home with their families after an unprecedented autumn term, and travelling during this window enables them to do so as safely as possible.

“By waiving change of journey fees, they can now rebook their tickets without being left out of pocket.”


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