Credit: Anna Woodcock

This week’s Intramural League roundup

By Jamie Byrne

GUSA publicity convenor Anna Woodcock gives The Glasgow Guardian a roundup of an eventful week in the Intramural League.

The much anticipated Intramural League, continued in its quest to save first-semester University sport at Glasgow, with drama seen on the volleyball and tennis courts in the starting stages of the tournament. This week introduced the beloved game of rounders – reminding those competing that the best compliment one could receive, is when an opposition player shouts that their team must move back as you prepare to strike the ball. That’s when you know you’ve really made it. Members of Pentland and Grampian houses give an overview of a busy week of sport. 

Credit: Anna Woodcock

Laura and Adam – Pentland House

Me and Adam are so excited that the Intramural league has officially started! Pentland House have been amazing during all their matches. It has been a very busy week for Pentland with volleyball and tennis continuing this week as well as the beginning of rounders. The last three weeks of tennis have been great, the teamwork has been so lovely with everyone motivating everyone at every match. Our players have ranged from newbies to the next Andy Murray! Pentland players have absolutely smashed their matches (pardon the pun) with straight wins in singles and 2/3 wins in doubles. Our star player has been Haroun Asher who has subbed in for a player last minute and went on to win in straight sets! Adam and I want to say a massive well done to all our amazing tennis players in Pentland.

In volleyball, Pentland built on week one successes with five out of six wins, with Pentland 1, Pentland 3, and Pentland 4 all still undefeated after playing two or three games each. Our first-timers Holly Ellis and Cayden Parekh must get a special mention for their successes in their first time playing, as well as to all of those who are still beginners. We (Laura and Adam) also want to celebrate Clemens with some massive blocking (make sure you follow @GUPentland on Instagram to see some of these big blocks) on Monday. But our Pentland (Volley) Baller of the week goes to Samuel Horsch who substituted in for Pentland 2 as well as helping lead his team, Pentland 4, to two out of two wins.

On Tuesday, Pentland made their Rounders debut with the narrowest of defeats for Pentland 1 to Grampian 1. Despite two hours of play, a Grampian 1 team comprised of the GU Volleyball committee, the GU Athletics captain, and other competitive athletes, the Pentland team stayed in the game to lose by only one run at the end. Friday saw an immaculacy dressed Pentland 2 team make their debut against Grampian 2. The team including most of the GUSA Council showed their fashion skills as well as their sports skills to beat the Grampian 2 team. Laura and I must nominate George Fournarakis as our Pentland’s Rounders Player of the Week for all his work in getting the Intramural Leagues off the ground and leading Pentland 2 to a first Rounders win. For this reason, we will also give GUSA president and proud Pentland’s Member Shereif Kholeif a special mention for similar reasons.

Credit: Anna Woodcock

David and Eirini – Grampian House

This week Grampian competed in volleyball and rounders. Grampian won 4 out of the 8 volleyball games that we were competing in, and 1 out of the 2 rounder games. The teams became super creative this week, representing the Grampian colour orange, wearing orange headbands and bracelets, with Anthony from G1 going to the extent of wearing a Sainsbury’s bag as a Grampian t-shirt. Some of the highlights of the past week would be Grampian captain David face-planting on the group at least twice a minute during volleyball, even when the ball was not remotely close to him. Vice-captain Eirini managed to catch the ball one out of the hundred times that it was thrown at her during rounders – it’s the participation that counts.

Special congratulations to our Grampians of the week Jack and Leon who played in all their volleyball and rounders games as well as subbed in for the rounders game against the GUSA council. Also, congratulations to Jack Wilson on winning a free Paesano’s paid for by Grampian! We’re very excited for the tennis singles and the next volleyball games this week.


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