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Musicians of Glasgow Uni: Pete from The Runaway Models

By Jodie Leith

In this edition of our Musicians of Glasgow Uni series, we catch up with History student Peter Visocchi from up-and-coming, high energy, Glasgow-based punk band The Runaway Models. Originally from Fife, The Runaway Models’ music is loud, unapologetic and oozes the punk attitude of the DIY scene in the 70s. Definitely a band with big things ahead of them, we ask Pete a series of our quick-fire questions (and he reveals his traitor behaviour with St. Andrews Uni).

Hometown: Came from the fields of Fife. We don’t do towns.

Subjects studied at Glasgow Uni: Second year History student.

Favourite part of studying in Glasgow: Probably the Boyd Orr. Told me to fuck off on Tinder but I still love him.

How would you describe your band: A shy, talentless IDLES cover band – but without a good name or any fans.

How you got your name: We didn’t have a name going into our first gig and I think I heard it on the Fontaine’s D.C. album Dogrel, which had recently come out, so we thought we’d choose that.

Favourite gig you’ve played: Probably St. Andrews union, oops. It was busy and people seemed to actually like us. It felt good to be accepted, even if it was by St. Andrews students.

Favourite gig you’ve been to: I saw Shame at Stereo a few years back and managed to get on stage a couple times, they were shit hot.

Favourite local band: The Runaway Models. Probably the Stoned Immaculate, but really into The Bleeders and Rascalton too right now.

Artist that shaped your music taste: The Clash, Shame, Frank Zappa, The Ramones, David Bowie. Been hammering The Pixies, Happy Mondays, Neil Young and The Jam recently.

Favourite song you’ve written: Riot. Go listen on Spotify now.

Guilty pleasure tune: Has to be Right Here by Jess Glynne or whoever it’s by. Just gets stuck in my head at random points in the week even if I haven’t listened to it.

Series you binged over lockdown: The Sopranos, second time watching it, fucked with it so hard. 

Ideal Glasgow night out: The Berkeley Suite on a Thursday, end up naked somewhere hopefully. Maybe eat something somewhere after the night too.

Artist everyone loves that you hate: Pink Floyd. Boring as fuck man.

Any upcoming plans: Who knows. Our manager’s shite.


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