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New £11.9m film and television studio for Kelvin Hall

By Max Kelly

The new studio hopes to give much needed support to the creative sectors.

A new film and television studio is set to open in Kelvin Hall, the city council has announced. 

A bulk of the £11.9m pledged to produce the new facility will be provided by the Scottish government to grant much-needed support to the creative sectors. It is hoped that the first part of the new screen hub could be opened this year. 

There had been concerns that there was a dearth of suitable film and tv facilities for content creators in the city. However, council bosses believe that this new studio will provide creators with an up-to-date facility, as well as attracting lucrative film and television projects being produced in Glasgow. 

Scotland’s screen sector is believed to be worth up to £600m annually, with almost two-thirds of this revenue coming from Glasgow.

The site located at Glasgow’s famous Kelvin Hall will have over 25,000 square feet of flexible production space, as well as five sound stages. 

Glasgow city council leader Susan Aitken has stated: “Glasgow’s creative industries are hugely important not only to the city’s economy; but also its culture and its national and international profile.” She described the new studio as an “exciting plan for the Kelvin Hall will not only establish that kind of facility, but do it right in the heart of the city.”

The studio represents another important step for Glasgow in their development of creative production hubs which has seen good progress in recent years. In 2019, Channel 4 announced that they would launch a new creative hub in the city. 

In their statement announcing the new hub, Glasgow city council stated: “Covid has resulted in an increased demand for production facilities in the UK, making this the ideal time to invest in a bespoke entertainment multi-camera studio – providing an immediate stimulus to the construction sector and acting as a catalyst for further inclusive growth in the creative industries.”


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