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Medical students to administer Covid-19 vaccinations

By Ananya Srivathsan

The School of Medicine sent out communications telling students to be on standby for vaccinating duties.

Medical students in phase 4 (years 3, 4, and 5) at the University of Glasgow have been given communication that they should be prepared to join the vaccination team once they themselves have been vaccinated. 

The communication stated that the university has approached health boards to inform them that students would be eligible to act as vaccinators.

Students in the beginning of Phase 4 (year 3) that are starting clinical rounds were identified as the group that would be “easiest” to help the vaccination process, as they will be learning these skills and the vaccinations could be a part of their “preparation for practice”.

Students will continue to receive teaching, and this will not hinder completing of syllabus. The procedures of fundoscopy and ENT exam that have not been formally taught shall be signed off on the PfP, and the students will not be expected to know these for their OSCE test.  

All medical students in years 3, 4, and 5 that are in placements in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area are expected to receive vaccines by the end of January, those under other health boards will have theirs provided by the respective health boards.


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