Glasgow and Strathclyde University Labour Clubs endorse two candidates for Glasgow MSP list

By Giselle Inglis

The upcoming election is scheduled to be held on 6 May this year.

In a joint statement on social media on Wednesday 13 January, Glasgow University Labour Club (GULC) and Strathclyde University Labour Club (SULC) announced that they will be endorsing Paul Sweeny and Pam Duncan-Glancy for the Glasgow regional list in the upcoming MSP elections. 

The announcement followed a student hustings which took place on the evening of Monday 11 January, allowing students to ask questions to and hear from each candidate on the Glasgow regional list.

In the statement, both societies claimed that the candidates were chosen due to their history of standing up for students and engaging with both clubs over many years. 

Pam Duncan-Glancy, a candidate who is a strong supporter of the Green New Deal and climate policy, tweeted that she was pleased to announce the endorsement. She continued, saying: “Students lead the charge on so much in our movement, they are our future. Whether I am elected in May or not, I will always fight for the rights of students – in and out of our movement.” 

Paul Sweeney, former MSP for Glasgow North East, also took to Twitter to welcome the endorsement: “Both clubs have been an incredible support to me over the last few years, with dynamic and creative campaigns.” 

Both candidates follow under Anas Sawar in the Glasgow regional list for MSPs, Sawar having just announced his bid for the Labour Leadership following Richard Leonard’s resignation, claiming he wanted to “rebuild Scottish Labour”. 

A statement from the Glasgow University Labour Club about these endorsements can be found on their Facebook page. 


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