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Glasgow City Council provides additional funding to support children from low-income families during lockdown

By Roisin McCann

The extra financial support follows the Council’s winter payment of £120 to children of low-income families.

An additional fund announced by the Glasgow City Council will ensure every child eligible for free school meals receives a fortnightly payment of £25 to support families during the current lockdown. 

The grant was announced after the most recent lockdown restrictions have resulted in school closures until February. It intends to provide further financial support to families with children entitled to free school meals whilst children are learning from home.

The additional funding follows Glasgow City Council’s winter payment of £120 to children of low-income families who receive free school meals. The newest funding will commence on the 22nd of January, to be received every two weeks until schools reopen. The local authority will deliver funds directly to the bank accounts of parents and guardians, who will receive £25 per child.

Glasgow City Council updated their grant provision following the fervent public outrage expressed after images of the insufficient food parcel provisions delivered to families with children entitled to free school meals in England appeared on social media.

In response to the the announcement on the Glasgow City Council’s twitter page, the Glasgow Community Food Network commended the initiative, tweeting: ”Well done @GlasgowCC – a refreshing and dignified approach to providing school meals during lockdown.”

Acknowledging the additional funding, the Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team’s Food Promoter, Thalia Groucott, commented: ”I’m glad to see that Glasgow City Council are now fulfilling their duty in making sure that Glasgow children can eat while schools are closed. I’m pleased to see that this is in the form of a cash payment as, to my understanding, this is the most dignified way to support people. This is a good start in combating the issues with food insecurity in Glasgow. For now, we should be listening to families dealing with food insecurity and supporting them however we can.”


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