Credit: University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow Sport facility memberships frozen after instatement of further restrictions

By Claire Thomson

Glasgow’s sport facilities freeze their memberships after restrictions tighten, adding any months lost in lockdown to the membership expiry dates.

All University of Glasgow Sport facility memberships were frozen on 24 December 2020 and they will automatically restart when facilities reopen. The suspension period is to be added onto any remaining length of membership.

The facilities were closed following the Scottish Government’s decision to move mainland Scotland into Tier 4 of Covid-19 protection levels in late December, which was subsequently followed by another national lockdown. As of present, there remains no confirmed date for the reopening of the Stevenson Building or the Garscube Sports Complex, although the University have pledged to resume normal functioning of facilities once current lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

Reinstatement of Tier 4 restrictions resulted in the closure of all indoor sports facilities, including gyms and swimming pools. Outdoor exercise is, however, still permitted with no limit on frequency. A maximum of two people from two households can meet for outdoor sport or exercise but must remain within five miles from home and avoid crowded areas. 

If the current lockdown were to ease enough that Glasgow entered Tier 3 restrictions, indoor sports facilities would reopen for individual exercise; indoor group exercise would remain suspended for over-18s.

University of Glasgow Sport are continuing to promote and encourage health and fitness across the student body by delivering live virtual classes through both the UofG Sport app and various social media channels. Timetables of these classes are updated weekly. 


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