Council previously blocked plans to install statue outside Oran Mor.

The campaign to install a statue of Billy Connolly in the West End has refired.

The statue by sculptor David Annan, entitled The Patter, was commissioned by businessman and supporter of the arts Colin Beattie a decade ago. It depicts comic Chic Murray and Billy Connolly on a seesaw, symbolising the back and forth of their comedy genius. 

The statue has sat in a warehouse ever since as city planners say it would obstruct pedestrians, due to Mr Beattie’s desired plan to have it installed on the wide pavement outside his bar and theatre venue Oran Mor. 

The council have since recently agreed to talks over the statue, the council claiming it had forgotten about the previous planning application. While previously claiming there never had been a planning application, and therefore never rejected. 

Malcolm Cunning, Glasgow city council Labour group leader, said to The Sunday Post: “It’s clear there’s considerable support to find some way of sitting this statue in a public place. I have written to the head of planning seeking assurance that the matter will be actively pursued in a positive way.”Mr Beattie believes the statue could be a great asset to the city, speaking to Glasgow Live he stated: “I believe it could be for Glasgow what the Molly Malone statue is for Dublin and what Greyfriars Bobby is for Edinburgh. Billy has indicated he is for it and Chic’s family have said they are too so I really hope it will happen.”

9 replies on “Campaign fight continues to see statue of Billy Connolly in West End”

Sylvia Dolling says:

No need for discussion. He is one of the most loved people in the UK.

Johanna Duggan says:

Hes loved by lots of people the Big Yin .Including me

Nancy Hutchisin says:

Most definitely. Two comedians that absolutely typify Glasgow. Let’s see it the sooner the better.

Lillian MC Donald Orr says:

Get on with

GET ON WITH IT !!! The man deserves to see it when he still can .

That is totally unfair as he was a big asset to Glasgow

Raymond Hunter says:

He has done his bit for Glasgow so now it’s Glasgows turn to do their bit.

Davy Hay says:

Why Glasgow? This would be far better placed in Edinburgh, as the capital city, and Billy is a Scottish comedian.

Marylin mcneill says:

He deserves this and should be placed in Glasgow Edinburgh seams to get everything and Glasgow is Scotland.

Anne Roberts says:

It should be Glasgow by the docks where he worked or where he grew up unhappy as his childhood was because that would maybe inspire others to do the same !

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