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Valentine’s Day Playlist 2021

By Megan Farrimond

 “Expect many disco hits and the inevitable come-down of Jeff Buckley.”

I thought I’d select these songs as a dedication to lovers, best friends, secret admirers and all the love in between. There’s no better connection than dancing with those you love, something that most of 2020 left us only dreaming about. As we remain locked down and for some of us, separated, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy a disco ball.

Of course, realism always sets in and the wallowing takes over, I’ve added a couple of tracks for when the wine wears off and you’re missing home (whoever that may be).

I Love You – Bumblebee Unlimited

Quite a controversial choice considering the chorus is supposed to sound like it’s sung by a bee (whatever you are imagining, it’s not that). I play this song so much and it’s such a great one to dance around your room to. Bumblebee Unlimited, a bridge between disco and house music, provides a danceable beat – picture a more funky, early version of a Soundcloud remix. Surprisingly, quite a romantic song for a bee.

I Love You – Karriem

Another disco song with the same title seems like quite the cop-out for a Valentine’s Day selection, but this song is just as good. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of sharing the dancefloor with your friends. The 1979 soulful, mid-tempo beat belongs to the obscure Pashlo Records; a now-defunct label with many hidden, love-struck disco gems. Look out your flares, we’re going to the living room. 

He’s The Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge

I really think disco is the only way to go if you’re away from those you love and Sister Sledge has never let me down. He’s The Greatest Dancer captures the feeling of admiration and lust on the dancefloor.

Toi Et Moi – Paradis

You simply can’t deny that the French language has a romantic feel to it, even if you can only understand the title. While my own French skills are questionable I can assure you this is a perfect addition to any Valentine’s playlist. The music video will have you quickly ordering a disco ball for the big day, even if all you do on Valentine’s Day is download Duolingo. Paradis also have loads of other beautiful songs on their album Recto Verso, including another favourite Quand Tu Souris, which is equally as lovely but maybe deserves a spot at the end of the night instead.

Let’s Lovedance Tonight (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) – Gary’s Gang

I think the title says it all. This Danny Krivit remix of a classic is the perfect mix of disco and jazz and it won’t fail to set the tone for the evening – one that you will never feel lonely alongside.

Loverboy – Lomboy

This is a sultry mix between a French production and a Japanese jazz-pop influence, resulting in a very dreamy, robotic hit. It’s a cyber-seductive masterpiece, with an equally visually compelling music video, laced with futuristic sounds. Loverboy sounds like falling in love with a robot (you’ll get what I mean).

Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust

My favourite love song! It’s such a holiday classic and reminds me of dancing with my friends in the sun. This masterpiece is Stardust’s only release before disbanding and what a lovely piece to leave in the world. It will forever act as the definition of a one-hit-wonder and will remain a club classic. 

L’amour Fou – Simon Arcan

Another French track, actually from one half of the previously mentioned duo Paradis. This is a cover of Leo Ferre classic and puts a nice electronic spin on it. Without knowing any French, you can still get the dreamy feel that emanates throughout this song. A great way to end the night. 

All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun – Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser

Definitely one to listen to in your post-Valentine’s Day haze. I think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever and sadly this was a rough version that wasn’t properly recorded before Jeff’s death. It makes it so much more touching and heartbreaking but a lovely listen nonetheless.

So, whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, with friends, family, or someone special – pop on our playlist and have a wee boogie. Find it here on Spotify.


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