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GUU Iron Stomach returns this Friday on Facebook Live

By Ollie Rudden

Iron stomach will be one of three ways to get your name engraved in Beer Bar this year!

The first of three popular events held by Glasgow University Union (GUU) for its “Month of Games” takes place on Friday 19 February.

The month kickstarts with the famous Iron Stomach competition, held twice a year by the GUU (Freshers’ Week and Month of Games) and will be followed by B.A.D.G.E and Online Darts later in the month.

The Glasgow Guardian got in contact with Jack Findlay, convener of Games at GUU, to give us more details about Iron Stomach and how it will work this year:

The Glasgow Guardian: What is iron stomach?

Jack Findlay: Iron stomach is an annual eating competition run by the GUU. It consists of 12 rounds with 12 different themed dishes, it is an elimination competition and the slowest participant to finish their dish is out. It culminates with a one versus one on the final dish and the winner will get their name printed onto the Beer Bar boards in gold leaf along with three crates of VK’s.

GG: How will it be different this year?

JF: Usually, it is held in a packed Beer Bar with tarpaulin covering every surface where we would serve each dish as the rounds go on and would have music and commentary. This year all the food will be delivered, without contact to the door of the competitors, with each round sealed and labelled in the various 12 containers. A Zoom link will be given to all competitors and this Zoom call will be streamed onto Facebook. From here at the start of each round on the Zoom call the sealed container with the sticker over the lid must be shown before we count down each round. The last to finish the dish will be eliminated and asked to leave the Zoom call. The Zoom call will be streamed onto Facebook for Glasgow University students to watch and after you are eliminated you may watch from the Facebook page. The winner will be announced on Zoom and their prizes will be delivered at the end of the month.

GG: What are the rules to the game?

JF: The last one to finish their dish is eliminated. You must finish all the food in the dish. The sticker on the food dish must be intact and not tampered with before the start of each round. You are allowed to be sick in between rounds and after you have finished the food in your mouth. After you are finished you have to bring the empty container to the front of the camera and we will know you are finished. You must eat the food and cannot throw it in the bin subtly. The contest will be recorded so we will catch any cheating.

GG: How should you prepare?

JF: We recommend you wear an old set of clothes you do not mind getting messy and have a bin to hand in case you are sick. If your computer/phone runs out of charge during the competition you will be disqualified so make sure it is plugged in and at a distance from you and your potential sick radius! We recommend not eating too much beforehand!

GG: Why should students enter?

JF: Getting your name in Beer Bar is always a great prize and if that is not enough to get you to sign up, the winner will also get three crates of VK’s which is always useful so you can make your own pints of fun from home!

To enter please email [email protected] although apply quickly as places are limited!You can watch Iron Stomach on Friday 19 February at 7.30pm via Facebook Live, available here.


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