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Glasgow West End has had the most lockdown parties in Scotland

By Luke Chafer

University states it expects students to follow the rules and will use “disciplinary measures when necessary”.

Data released by Police Scotland reveals that the West End has had the most police callouts and penalties for house parties in Scotland. Between 28 August 2020, when the police were first given the power to break up parties, and 8 January 2021, 633 penalties had been issued and there were 223 callouts concerning house parties.

Across Scotland, there have been over 7,000 callouts, 3,647 fines issued, and 486 arrests made, as of 8 January.

The weekend of 19 and 20 September was highlighted by Police Scotland as having one the highest number of callouts, with over 550 recorded. It was in this period, 17 to 22 September, that The Glasgow Guardian has learnt that 200 written warnings were issued to students staying in university-provided accommodation for breaches of Covid-19 restrictions.

In response to these findings and the potential impact of University policy had on these figures, a University spokesperson has stated: “The safety of our students, colleagues and local communities is paramount and throughout the pandemic, we have worked within the government health and safety regulations to deliver a positive student experience for all.”

Internal documentation from Operation Talla (the name for Police Scotland’s Covid-19 response) obtained by the BBC suggests that the task force believes students are of significant concern. One document states: “Students are still gathering unlawfully and are more likely to do so in larger numbers than the general population.”

The University spokesperson went on to say: “We are clear that we expect everyone to follow these rules, both in private and university residences and we can use disciplinary measures when necessary.

“We are aware that the vast majority of our student community is respecting the guidance and making huge sacrifices to keep our communities safe, and we thank them for their efforts.”


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