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Manifesto analysis – Tigerlily Bloggs for SRC’s Vice President of Student Activities

By Luke Chafer

Luke Chafer analyses Tigerlily Bloggs’ manifesto for VPSA following their interview.

The last candidate in the spotlight for the Students’ Representative Council’s (SRC) Vice President for Student Activities (VPSA) role is Tigerlily Bloggs. A candidate that also offers a wide range of experience from on-campus societies: she has previously held the role of General Secretary for Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG), has been Vice President of STAG Nights, and been a member of the Entertainments Committee of the GUU for the past two years.

The noticeable point of difference between Tigerlily’s manifesto and the other candidates is the inclusion of welfare provision. This is not an usual policy for the VPSA role, but when questioned on it was made clear the importance of creating safe spaces, and collaborating with society to do so, in order to ensure social events are inclusive. Tigerlily’s manifesto also goes beyond student activities in this area saying that she will push for all board members to attend the Mind Your Mate, Micro Aggression Training and Sexual Violence workshops.

The rest of Tigerlily’s manifesto treads the well-trodden paths within these elections: cross-campus collaboration, RAG week, and SRC promotion. This lack of a bold new vision is not necessarily a negative, as part of what Tigerlily wants to do is increase engagement in the great events that already take place. 

Overall, Tigerlily offers students a range of experience that is well suited to the VPSA role and a manifesto that is realistic to the constraints on the SRC.

You can watch Luke’s interview with Tigerlily here. Tigerlily’s full manifesto is available here.

Voting opens at 9am on 3 March and closes at 5pm on 4 March. You can vote here or on the UofG Life app.


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