Credit: TEDxUniversity of Glasgow

TEDxUniversity of Glasgow are to launch their first virtual conference this week

By Lucy Dunn and Chole Coldwell

 The conference ticket will include a virtual goodie bag and access to entertainment performances.

For the first time in TEDxUniversity of Glasgow history, the eagerly-anticipated and well-renowned main conference will be brought to all viewers in their homes, entirely virtually. “Distortion” is the theme of 2021’s online event, which is to take place on the 6 March at 11am. Tickets start at £6.85 and can be purchased by following this link.

The speakers which have already been announced include Dr Stephen Greer who will discuss the “wilful distortion and active pursuit of distortion through queerness”, author Madeleine Black who will address how she works to tackle the stigma around sexual violence, as well as Glaswegian activist Rachel Dallas who will speak about art as a means to tackle racism in Scotland. More information on the talks can be found on their Facebook page.

Alongside talks from a number of speakers, both students and professionals, the event includes various performances by a number of different entertainment artists, a digital goodie bag and a virtual conference platform, through which all event details can be accessed. There will also be the opportunity to interact with event sponsors and collaborating societies during and after the event.

One member of the TEDxUniversity of Glasgow team commented: “We were hoping to have an in-person conference this year but realised from the outset that a Plan B was necessary, but regardless, the line-up this year is really exciting and I can’t wait until it’s fully announced. The theme of “Distortion” is one that can be moulded in so many different ways and I think we’ve done well in working with speakers to approach it from a variety of different angles.”

Their previous conferences can be found on the TEDxUniversity of Glasgow website with themes including “From Exploration to Innovation”, “Crossing the Rubicon” and “Press Pause to Begin”. 


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