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SRC Non-Sabbatical Spring Hustings 2021

By Rebecca Scott and Allison Campbell

The SRC 2021 Spring Elections open at 9am on Wednesday 3 March and close at 5pm on Thursday 4 March. Here’s what went down at the non-sabbatical hustings, as well as the links you need to find candidate manifestos and where you can vote.

Yesterday the SRC held their Spring Elections hustings via Facebook Live, allowing candidates to briefly introduce themselves and take questions from the virtual audience. 29 out of 37 non-sabbatical positions have candidates: 11 are contested and 18 are uncontested. You can still vote against uncontested candidates by voting to re-open nominations.

We have provided a quick run-down of what happened at the non-sabbatical hustings to help you decide during this week’s vote. Votes can be cast at or via the UofG Life app.


UG College Convenor Arts

Emma Lindqust

Emma is seeking re-election to the position of undergraduate arts convenor. She believes it takes longer than a year to make proper changes and would like to continue on the work she has started, benefitting on the experience she has gained this year. An example of work she would like to expand on is her “Community in the Classroom” workshop, hoping to make it an annual event. The most important thing to her is establishing a functional relationship between the schools within the College of Arts and year groups within the schools. Her manifesto also includes goals to make submission and exam information more clear.

Emma’s manifesto can be found here.

UG College Convenor MVLS

Lewis O’Connor

Lewis has extensive experience in student representation, having been a representative at the class, school, convenor, and national level in the past. He intends to use this experience to reshape the class representative system and open communication within the college so that students feel more involved. This includes consistent meetings with representatives at all levels and wellbeing events. He has taken examples from other universities, such as a centralised expense system, and hopes to apply successful ideas to his own college. He would also like to see workshops created to train students on important issues; for example, bystander training for racial inequality in healthcare.

Lewis’ manifesto can be found here.

UG College Convenor Science and Engineering

Jamie McKay

Jamie is currently a General Representative for the SRC and believes this gives him the connections and experience to thrive as the Science and Engineering College Convenor next year. While he hopes to work on assisting students transition back to in-person learning, he intends to ensure online learning is as successful as possible in the meantime. Communication between the SRC and students is very important to him, as he believes this is the best way to achieve transparency and address important issues. This can also help the SRC to prioritise what is most important to the students they represent.

Yuanmin Zhu

Yuanmin’s main goal is to provide more opportunities for students to get involved in hands-on and career oriented activities. He believes the college should be providing practical learning methods, such as streaming lecturers performing labs, to make up for the gaps created by online learning. He would also like to see class forums being used more to raise questions and begin discussion. Another point on his manifesto is to divide revision, so half is done at the midterm mark, believing this will make it less overwhelming at the end of the year.

Manifestos can be found here.

UG College Convenor Social Sciences

Duncan Henderson

Duncan has a clear platform of five goals he hopes to achieve: clear dates given for feedback return, trained peer support for every school, covid support measures, information sessions about tenancy issues, and increased collaboration with clubs and societies. He would also like to work with staff to ensure participation grades are adequately explained at the beginning of the semester so students are aware of what exactly is expected. When asked about support for the Interdisciplinary School at the Dumfries Campus, he responded he would like them to have their own school representative but intends to serve in this role himself whenever necessary so these students are fully represented.

Duncan’s manifesto can be found here.

PG Convenor Arts

Kevin Leomo

Kevin’s primary aim is to improve the postgraduate experience through communication and accountability. This includes addressing issues raised by covid, working with societies and other representatives to highlight problems faced by students, and establishing a strong community within the college. Challenges faced by Graduate Teaching Assistants must also be considered and improved. He also believes the College of Arts can lead the University in measures to decolonise the curriculum and ensure there is follow through on anti- racism pledges.

Kevin’s manifesto can be found here.

PG Convenor Social Sciences

Cat Thornton

Cat would like to see more communication and opportunities for postgraduate students- including events such as a book club or online quizzes during covid. She has extensive experience in societies and has served as a class representative, preparing her for the role. She hopes to be able to host networking events in the second semester to help students on their way to finding a job. Social events will translate into academic success, in her eyes, believing a once-a-semester postgrad geared Hive night will result in connections that will help students support each other.

Cat’s manifesto can be found here.

Postgraduate Research

Hannah Baer

Hannah is working hard on her PhD while also serving as the Postgraduate MVLS Convernor this year, and is looking to use her connections and insights from this experience to improve Postgraduate Research’s representation. Communication comes first with her, especially as students may be feeling isolated due to the online nature of this academic year. She intends to work with representatives at all levels to customise her work to suit the needs of the students and maintain welfare support. She believes updated training programs for representatives will make this progress possible.

Yuting Tian

Yuting has experience as a leader in societies and is a teaching assistant herself. She believes this first hand experience will help her speak out for PGR students and support their welfare during covid. She believes communication is key and currently lacking, but can be improved through events hosted for the students. Another way she intends to improve communication is by providing students with a list of resources and contacts that can help them with individual issues. Adequate training is important to her and she intends to expand it to make sure representatives are well versed in communication and welfare strategies in addition to the current training courses they are given.

Manifestos can be found here.


LGBTQ+ Officer

Sharlotte Janell Green

Sharlotte is very passionate about five key goals outlined in her manifesto: ensuring LGBTQ+ have a safe and inclusive environment to meet in, increasing SRC involvement in LGBTQ+ events, investigating and challenging affiliation criteria in the SRC so specific LGBTQ+ groups can be created, organising a working group to increase the voices of students, and organising a drop-in cafe to raise concerns. She believes her experience in other SRC positions, including her current role as Age Equality Officer, has given her the skills and connections to achieve this. She believes these actions cannot wait and is eager to implement them.

Sharlotte’s manifesto can be found here.

Gender Equality Officer

Rinna Vare

Rinna has worked on the board of GU Amnesty International, as a Fresher’s Helper, and a class representative. Now she is highly motivated and ready to take on the role of Gender Equality Officer. She intends to work with feminist societies across campus and the LGBTQ+ officer to create a safe environment for trans and non-binary students and campaign for the implementation of the Pronoun Plan. She would also like to see consent training become compulsory for all students. Lobbying efforts would take place under her to make sexual harassment and abortion specifically stated Good Cause circumstances.

Rinna’s manifesto can be found here.

Age Equality Officer

Ethan Wilson

Despite being in his first year of a second degree, Ethan has over six years of experience representing students. He is very excited to reopen a dedicated place on campus for mature students, and would like to see it improved in the coming year. The most important thing to him is hosting events and making students of all ages feel involved and welcome at the university. He also prioritises providing assistance for financial challenges facing mature students who may have family or caring responsibilities. For young students, he would like to create resources packs so they feel more secure and comfortable coming to university.

Ethan’s manifesto can be found here.

Disability Equality Officer

Gabriel Naismith

Gabriel was absent from hustings. A link to their manifesto, as well as Angela’s and Hailie’s, is available below.

Angela Ng

Angela has held a variety of leadership positions, including as a first year SRC representative, and now would like to implement change as the Disability Equality Officer. She is eager to see fair assessment conditions given to disabled students and is enraged by recent cases of these accommodations being ignored during covid. She believes support for both mentally and physically disabled students should be more easily available and extensive. Mental health is especially important to her during covid and she hopes to collaborate with the Mental Health Officer to address these concerns.

Hailie Pentleton

Hailie hopes to be re-elected to the position of Disability Equality Officer to continue her work on the Disability Review Working Group, creating disability-focused resources for staff and students, and working in accessibility and inclusivity training. She has enjoyed partnering with other societies, such as the LUNA project, and spreading awareness through her work at The Glasgow Guardian. She would like to see a disabled community come together to celebrate holidays such as Disability Awareness month. Most importantly, she believes disabled students need to have more of a say in decision making that directly affects them; this is also important if there is a return to campus in the coming year.

Manifestos can be found here.

International Students Officer

Andy Kot

Andy has a list of areas he would like to see support being given to international students, from visa assistance to welfare support, in the form of international film screenings. He is very familiar with the difficulties students face when moving abroad including establishing bank accounts and finding appropriate accommodation and is ready to help students struggling with this. Communication is important to him, especially to ensure students know where to go when they need help. Before he gets to work on all that though, he would like to publicise that international student support exists and can help international students.

Eduardo Ormeño

Eduardo is eager to see international students coming together and cultivating inclusivity. He would like to hold events where students from all over the world can come together and celebrate their individual cultures, and believes he has the personal experience necessary to do this well, having lived in multiple countries himself. He believes student welfare is very important right now, but the best way for the International Students Officer to help this is to host events where students can meet and support each other, so they do not feel isolated.

Pak Su

Peer support groups created based on time zones are at the top of the priority list for Pak. He has a strong mental health focus, and would not let students currently living abroad get left behind. He thinks gathering information on where international students are during the pandemic will allow him to tailor support to their circumstances and link students in the same areas together. Once linked, he believes, these students can help and support each other, even sharing tips on getting back to Glasgow with current restrictions. Cultural celebrations, online transcripts, and regular updates are also included in his manifesto.

Xinyu He

Xinyu is eager to listen to international students and amplify their voices across campus. She believes mental health is a huge priority and intends to increase welfare support as well as hosting events to ensure international students do not feel alone. She would like to show students that have not yet had the chance to come to Glasgow what student life here is and share her love for the city. She also has a plan for dealing with practical concerns that may arise, from visas to council tax exemption so students feel prepared before they even arrive. She also intends to set up support for students seeking careers in the UK, that is tailored to help them through the visa process and other immigration barriers they may face.

Manifestos can be found here.

Charities Officer

Becky Laird

Becky was unable to attend hustings but submitted a brief video summing up her manifesto that can be found here. Becky’s manifesto can be found here.

Environmental Officer

David Gabra

David has ambitious goals ranging from creating a School of Ecology within the University, to lobbying for free public transportation throughout Glasgow. He is ready to take advantage of COP26 coming to Glasgow in November 2021 to spread awareness and begin large scale movements within, and including, the University. On a large scale he would like the University itself to join students in demanding landlords provide better insulation in accommodation. He is also ready to see the University fully divest from the arms trade, fossil fuel companies, and other potentially harmful bodies. He recognises this will not all be possible in a short amount of time but is ready to start the process for changes as Environmental Officer.

David’s manifesto can be found here.

Mental Health Equality Officer

Oliver Johnson

Oliver is eager to support students, whether they have struggled with mental health for years or are only recently facing new problems due to covid. He understands online learning has not been easy for many students, and thinks this insight should be shared with staff members at all levels. Increased communication with lecturers would ensure actual measures, alternatives, and support could be provided to students on a more personal basis, in his opinion. He intends to mend this disconnect between staff and students, as well as making more extensive support easily accessible to anyone that may need it. He would also like to run campaigns throughout the year to tackle the stigma around mental health.

Tanya Agarwal

Tanya would like to help the University absolish the widespread inequalities and prejudices surrounding mental health. Spreading awareness and increasing communication is very important to her. She would like all students to be more aware of what support is available to them both on and off campus and how to ask for help. She hopes events that allow students to discuss their own stories and hear from people with similar experience can create support systems and inspire them. She intends to undertake initiatives to normalise discussing mental health, with fellow students and members of staff.

Manifestos can be found here.


School of Critical Studies

Tiegan Meadows

Tiegan has experience working with SRC, and has developed a solid understanding of how the council works. Involved in the RAG Committee at the University. She is also on FemSoc society, showing her experience in liaising between students and faculty. She is eager to build a stronger cross discipline student community, particularly looking at subject’s seminars which impact student’s ability to learn. Tiegan is also keen on establishing safe spaces for students to vent any concerns with the subjects in Critical Studies.

Tiegan’s manifesto can be viewed here.

School of Culture and Creative Arts

Chloe Waterhouse

Chloe has experience working as senior management of The Glasgow Guardian and is devoted to giving students a voice by writing articles that pertain to students’ real and current concerns. She is keen to translate these skills into working with the student council. She aims to host more events centred upon career advancement after finishing your degree. Chloe also wants to provide more mental health assistance within the school.

Chloe’s manifesto can be viewed here.                                                  

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

Ian McGowan

Ian is interested in communicating prospects and options of years abroad from first year to mitigate any worries younger students have. He promises to ensure there are more relaxed meetings among students within the school from different subjects. His main priority for the next year will be engaging with different subjects through social events and looks forward to organising events with other societies across campus.

Ian’s manifesto can be viewed here.

School of Life Sciences

Hanne Krogsaeter

Hanne has been a class representative for three years and is familiar with the staff and inner workings of the school. She is also familiar with both in person and online learning. She is eager to take the best aspects of online learning (recorded lectures, online resources) forward when in-person learning resumes. She wants to compensate students’ lost experience over the past year, and also wants to improve teaching of R and R Studio within the school. Hanne is also keen to establish better dialogue between class reps and students.

Zuhaa Noor

Zuhaa is invested in improving education across the school. She has experience as a class rep and is eager to host frequent meetings with class reps to mitigate any miscommunication that arises throughout the school. She aims to arrange casual zoom meetings on Life Sciences courses so students can make friends and help mentally health during virtual learning. Zuhaa is also keen to start up alumni sessions so that current students can gain insight on how to attain best possible results within their degree.

Manifestos can be viewed here.

School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing

Kirsty Craig

Kirsty is keen on inclusion within the school. She has worked with SRC’s Environmental Officer over the past year and wants to improve sustainability within the school and highlight the significance of environmental awareness in students. She is eager to challenge Eurocentric, ableist, heteronormative aspects engrained in patient treatment. Kirsty also wants to ensure students from disadvantaged backgrounds are not only welcomed into UofG, but provided with adequate support throughout their studies particularly during the pandemic with online learning.

Kirsty’s manifesto can be viewed here.

Business School

Dhruv Vasani

Dhruv is keen to establish networking opportunities throughout the school. He is eager to get alumni sessions up and running in order to help current students learn more about past experiences and potential opportunities in post-uni life. He also spoke about mixers within the school in order for more students to get to know one another, which is of huge importance during online learning. Dhruv is also eager to bring more collaborative events to campus to benefit students within the school.

Niklas Fritschen

Niklas wants to improve student experience during online learning. He thinks there has been a lack of guidance thus far and wants to ensure students are getting all of the support they need during this time. Niklas also wants to ensure students – particularly international students – have their concerns flagged up to management within the Business School. He believes some students are being left behind and wants to focus on giving equal opportunities to all students in the School.

Manifestos can be viewed here.

School of Engineering

Amandeep Kainth

Amandeep has been a class rep for three years and is keen to keep promoting students’ voices across the School. He has succeeded in getting recorded lectures in previous semesters, highlighting ability to enact change within the School. In this upcoming year, he wants to focus on feedback from staff, particularly associated timelines and mechanisms of marking. Amandeep also wants to ensure marking is fair and consistent across the School. He wants to amplify student voices, particularly those that may not be heard very often. He looks forward to working with class reps who represent the wider student body throughout the School.

Amandeep’s manifesto can be viewed here.

School of Computing Science

Zoltan Kiss

Zoltan has a vested interest in managing the volume of team projects within School assessments and wants to improve the lessons students can learn from such projects. He is eager to establish better feedback mechanisms for staff that will benefit students more. He highlighted issues with communication across the School that he will look to solve as School rep. Zoltan will look to improve contact with members of apprenticeship programs within the School. He is keen on improving a sense of community within the School.

Zoltan’s manifesto can be viewed here.

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

Elizabeth Barre

Elizabeth is eager to proactively communicate with class reps, arranging regular meetings with reps in order to ensure issues are resolved quickly and fairly and build up good relationships from students from all year groups. She wants to ensure students are kept up to date with information discussed in Council meetings and with decisions made by course convenors. She is keen to keep open channels of communication and amplify student voices.

Elizabeth’s manifesto can be viewed here.

School of Mathematics and Statistics

Michalis Stavrou

Michalis has been class representative for two years, giving him experience representing and bringing forward the concerns of his coursemates. He wants to solve issues such as time differences for live online classes of international students. He hopes to ensure students can make their voices heard and that decisions made by the Council will benefit all students.

Damien Ealey

Damien will propose implementation of mock exams to ensure that students with little to no experience of sitting exams at University are not disadvantaged or caught off guard by the formatting. Heas experience working with accommodation services and as a class rep, as well as doing Freshers’ Helping with the SRC, and believes that he will best represent student’s concerns.

Manifestos can be viewed here.

School of Physics and Astronomy

Abigail Whelan

Abigail is currently the SRC mental health equality officer and has experience representing the student body and bringing concerns to the awareness of the Council. She wants to create a system similar to the Maths Hub where students are able to bring their concerns to tutors and gain advice. Abigail also wants to change culture and male dominance within the School. She wants to organise workshops to combat bias within the School. She is also keen on improving mental health support available to students throughout the year.

Omar Saleh

Omar has experience representing the student voice as a class representative. He believes students have suffered a lot this past year due to online learning and wants to improve the guidance and support School provides, particularly for international students new to the country. He wants to strengthen the connection between students and faculty. He is eager to mitigate miscommunication within the School regarding subjects taken by students in first and second year.

Manifestos can be viewed here.

School of Psychology

Alex Evans

Alex has been a class representative for two years. She has sought out greater clarification in course materials and has created infographics pertaining to managing mental health and stresses that arise during exam periods. She promises to negotiate with staff and course coordinators to ensure a solid line of communication with students. Alex highlights community spirit in the School that has been developed through events such as zoom quizzes and virtual coffee mornings, and is eager to keep these going throughout next year.

Paul Skinner

Paul is Secretary of the University Psychology Society and is currently a class representative. He believes it is imperative to have more opportunities to engage with other students and is eager to organise more events within the department. He is keen to frequently meet with the class reps and address any issues which have arisen. Paul promises to ensure regular communication with class reps to provide support from students across different year groups.

Manifestos can be viewed here.

School of Social and Political Sciences

Gwendolen Da Sousa Correa

Gwendolen was absent from hustings. A link to her manifesto, as well as Matilda’s, is available below.

Matilda Franz

Matilda is the current school representative for Social and Political Sciences. She is keen on ensuring online learning remains as smooth as possible, and has worked throughout the past year to ensure this is the case. She wants to make sure Moodle is consistent throughout year groups and is easy for students to use. Matilda is presently a member of the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion committee. She highlights decolonisation of curriculum as a key aspect which she wants to continue working upon. She looks forward to more scope for issues outside the School.

Manifestos can be viewed here.

SRC elections (both sabbatical and non-sabbatical) open at 9am on Wednesday 3 March and close at 5pm on Thursday 4 March. You can vote here or via the UofG Life app.


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