Credit: Josh Hay

Manifesto Analysis- Josh Hay for QMU President

By Jordan Hunter

Jordan Hunter analyses Josh Hay’s manifesto for QMU President following their interview.

Josh Hay has been running an interesting campaign to say the least. Between his video full of cinematic references and his endorsement from his dog his campaign has the energy that he’s  known for throughout the union. His manifesto brings interesting ideas to try to bring students back into the Union. His largest is perhaps renovating and investing in the bar. Both he and his opponent mention painting the bar, but he takes it a step further with increasing drink and menu options. While alcohol sales have previously been a struggle point with QMU and unions more generally, Josh believes that cheaper options and more cocktails might entice more students after the pandemic. 

The QMU has run into numerous problems over the years financially. Josh believes that the main way to gauge the success of future investments is to look at what students might be interested in by doing more surveys. He additionally wants to find ways to engage with life members, as he believes they are the key to supporting larger and more sustainable projects. 

Overall, while many of his ideas seem straightforward, only time will tell if these are enough to save QMU from it’s financial hole. Josh’s personality is electric and the union has already seen some new form of engagement from his time as social convenor.

You can watch Jordan’s interview with Josh here. Josh’s full manifesto is available here.

Voting opens at 9am on 3 March and closes at 5pm on 4 March. You can vote here or on the UofG Life app.


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