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GUSA Council election results

By Ollie Rudden

Most positions were uncontested including the presidency with only convenors for sport, events and welfare being contested.

The results of the GUSA spring elections 2021 have been announced.

The results were announced by out-going GUSA president Sherief Kholeif, revealing all elected positions on the GUSA council for the next academic year. The elections to the GUSA Council this year saw most of its positions uncontested, including president, vice president and secretary with only one candidate running for each of the roles. The only positions contested this year were convenors for sport, events and welfare which had two candidates in each race competing for your vote.

GUSA President

Jessica Woodcock is elected GUSA president uncontested.

GUSA Vice President

Anna Woodcock is elected GUSA vice president uncontested.

GUSA Secretary

Jayny Saunders is elected GUSA secretary uncontested.

GUSA Alumni Convenor

Ewan Galbraith is elected GUSA alumni convenor uncontested.

GUSA Club sport Convenor

Mark Alvares 

Vivek Pandya

Vivek Pandya is elected GUSA sport convenor.

GUSA Events Convenor

Eirini Karavasili 

Sarah Hedley

Sarah Hedley is elected GUSA events convenor.

GUSA Finance Convenor

Samuel Horsch is elected GUSA finance convenor uncontested.

GUSA Fundraising and Outreach Convenor

Michael Rafferty is elected GUSA fundraising and outreach convenor uncontested.

GUSA Health and Fitness Convenor

James Paterson is elected GUSA health and fitness convenor uncontested.

GUSA Publicity Convenor

Isla McClung is elected GUSA publicity convenor uncontested.

GUSA Travel Convenor

Ciaran McMonagle is elected GUSA travel convenor uncontested.

GUSA Welfare Convenor

Milly Leggett 

Vera Maria

Milly Leggett is elected GUSA welfare convenor.


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