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GUU election results

By Jordan Hunter

GUU may only have had one race but it is one of the closest to date.

The GUU has certified its results meaning Amy Briggs will be elected president. The Glasgow University Union was broadly uncontested with only a singular race, which saw Fuad Kehinde winning the position of library convenor. The results are as follows. This is the first time in recent memory that turnout was lower than the QMU. The results are as followed

Executive positions:


Amy Briggs

Honourary Secretary

Emilio Seifert

Assistant Honourary Secretary: 

Vilhelm Carlsson

Convener positions:

Debates Convenor 

Joseph Hutchison

Games Convenor

Sara Matthews

Libraries Convenor

Fuad Kehinde- 69

Olivia Swarthout- 61

Fuad Kehinde is deemed elected and will take over the role of libraries convenor

Entertainments Convenor

Lewis Moore

Present Student Member positions:

Present Student Members (2 years)

Yasmin Baker-Marshall 

Sam Bracken

Alex Hull

Eleanor Kirk

Lauren Lilly

All are considered elected as there are equal spots as candidates.

Present Student Members (1 year)

Duncan Armstrong-Martin 


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