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SRC’s 2021 spring election results announced

By Holly Jennings

The results were announced on a livestream hosted by the SRC’s current president Liam Brady and SRC returning officer Andrew McConnell.

The results have been announced for the Students’ Representative Council’s (SRC) spring elections. Taking place on a Facebook livestream hosted by current president Liam Brady and SRC returning officer Andrew McConnell, results were revealed for a number of vacant positions. Voting was conducted electronically using ranked-choice voting.

Every position for the SRC executive council was contested. The results were the following:


Ella McCabe was elected as SRC President with 1,604 votes. Miko Mojsiej received 605 votes, with 40 votes being spoilt.

Vice President Student Support

Eva Simmons was elected as SRC VPSS with 783 votes. Julia Hegele received 577 votes, with 53 votes being spoilt.

The position of vice president student support caused confusion when the elected position was announced as Eva Simmons, despite the data on the slides showing Julia Hegele had more votes. The SRC investigated this and found that they had the names the wrong way round on the slides.

Vice President Student Activities

Sam Malis was elected as SRC VPSA with 706 votes. Tigerlily Bloggs received 391 votes and Ruaridh Fleck received 360 votes. 40 votes were spoilt.

Vice President Education

Mia Clarke was elected as SRC VPE with 818 votes. Thomas Stoker received 262 votes with 47 votes being spoilt.

The rest of the council is now as follows:

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers

LGBTQ+ Officer – Sharlotte Jenell Green

Race Equality Officer – Temisan Atsegoh

Gender Equality Officer – Rinna Vare

Age Equality Officer – Ethan Wilson

Disability Equality Officer – Hailie Pentleton

International Students Officer – Xinyu He

Charities Officer – Becky Laird

Environmental Officer – David Gabra

Mental Health Equality Officer – Tanya Agarwal

Undergraduate (UG) Convenors

UG College Convenor Arts – Emma Lindquist

UG College Convenor MVLS – Lewis O’Connor

UG College Convenor Science and Engineering – Jamie McKay

UG College Convenor Social Sciences – Duncan Henderson

Postgraduate (PG) Convenors

PG College Convenor Arts – Kevin Leomo

PG College Convenor MVLS – unfilled

PG College Convenor Science & Engineering – unfilled

PG College Convenor Social Sciences – Cat Thornton

Postgraduate Research Convenor – Hannah Baer

School Representatives

School of Critical Studies – Tiegan Meadows

School of Culture & Creative Arts – Chloe Waterhouse

School of Humanities – unfilled

School of Mod Languages & Cultures – Ian McGowan

School of Life Sciences – Hanne Krogsaeter

School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing – Kirsty Craig

School of Veterinary Medicine – unfilled

School of Chemistry – unfilled

Business School – Niklas Fritschen

School of Engineering – Amandeep Kainth

School of Computing Science – Zoltan Kiss 

School of Geographical & Earth Sciences – Elizabeth Barre

School of Mathematics & Statistics – Michalis Stavrou

School of Physics & Astronomy – Abigail Whelan

School of Psychology – Paul Skinner

School of Education – unfilled

School of Social and Political Sciences – Matilda Franz

School of Law – unfilled

Interdisciplinary Studies – unfilled


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