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‘Reclaim These Streets’ events take place across Glasgow in memory of Sarah Everard

By Lucy Dunn

Vigils are taking place 6pm tonight across Glasgow and online.

“Reclaim These Streets” vigils are to take place this evening, Saturday 13 March, in George Square, Queens Park, Kelvingrove Park and at the Mary Barbour Statue in Govan at 6pm following the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard. The Glasgow vigil is one of many that are to take place across the country after the horrifying events of the past week. 

A general Glasgow event is to occur this evening, with an online event also taking place due to Covid-19 restrictions. A second event organised by Succesful Women At Glasgow (SWAG) is to run this Sunday. Whilst a number are running across the UK, police have already stepped in to shut down vigils, with Newcastle and Southampton events being cancelled as a result. The first organised vigil was to be held at Clapham Common, however the “Reclaim These Streets” Twitter page announced earlier that unfortunately the vigil has been called off after discussions with the Metropolitan Police. 

The “Reclaim These Streets” admin stated on the Facebook page that: “The official line is that all vigils that require meeting up are cancelled, however locally, many are going ahead… The online vigil and doorsteps vigils are of course going ahead. Please do join however you can. We can’t advise or be responsible for your choices, as I’m sure you understand! Just be safe, in every way. Solidarity.”

Writing at the launch of the Facebook page on 10 March, an admin wrote that: “The response to the murder of Sarah Everard has sparked a much wider debate about how women are treated and the hoops we jump through on a daily basis to attempt to have the same privileges as men. That she was murdered by a man who was trained in protection is bitter. Change has to come.

“The idea of this group is to get safe events going nationwide or even moments of remembrance in support of Sarah, who has been described by loved ones as ‘beautiful, thoughtful and incredibly kind’.

“So let’s together, invite your friends, get a conversation going and #reclaimthesestreets #NoJusticeNoPeace. Please share this post and let’s give her and the issues we all face as women a commemorative moment of reflection and let’s #choosetochallenge.”

For more information about the events taking place this weekend, the above-mentioned Facebook page can be found here, the Twitter page can be found at @ReclaimTS and SWAG’s Facebook can be found here.


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