Student group AIESEC looks to improve youth employability

By Ollie Rudden

 AIESEC is a global platform offering many internship opportunities for young people worldwide.

An AIESEC information session is taking place this Wednesday 24 March at 6pm to share learning opportunities to help career development. Founded in 1948, AIESEC is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation, run by young people. The mission of which is to aid young people’s employability. AIESEC does this by assisting thousands of international internships to students and young people in different career disciplines such as engineering, marketing, and teaching among others.

Stating on Facebook, the local Glasgow and Edinburgh AIESEC committees say students eager to get an internship this summer, and improve their connections in the job market, should attend the session, stating: “Summer 2021 is rapidly approaching, and what better way to spend it than gaining professional experience at a top company?”

“If you’re ready to build your professional network, and acquire practical skills in a new cultural setting, you don’t want to miss our information session hosted by local committees in Edinburgh and Glasgow.”

This event is one day before their national event YouthSpeak forum. YouthSpeak Forum 2021 is a platform for the youth to initiate meaningful dialogue with notable speakers such as Nadia Whittome MP and NUS president Larissa Kennedy. YouthSpeak Forum 2021’s stated  focus is on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, the top of which is Goal 8 which references youth employability especially after the pandemic.

To register for the Glasgow and Edinburgh event, click here. To find out more about AIESEC opportunities, click here.


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