Credit: Vote Ella McCabe #1 SRC President

SRC president-elect Ella McCabe makes statement about work to tackle gender-based violence

By Lucy Dunn

 The SRC joined with Successful Women at Glasgow to create a tribute to Sarah Everard and all the victims of gender-based violence at the University flagpole.

On 14 March, alongside Successful Woman at Glasgow (SWAG), the SRC jointly invited people to come along to the open vigil site situated at the University flagpole, to remember Sarah Everard and to pay tribute to all the victims of gender-based violence. 

On Twitter, SRC President-elect, Ella McCabe, commented on behalf of the SRC: “We hope this to be a safe, reflective space for you to stand in solidarity with those who have been impacted by Gender-Based Violence. My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the news this week, and I will work to ensure the SRC continues to play a role in making Glasgow Uni a dear safe place for all.”

The south flagpole was covered in messages, flowers, candles and signs, emphasising the number of students affected by the events of the previous week. The gated entrances to Kelvingrove Park were covered with ribbons, flowers tied to railings, and testimonies from survivors and messages wishing love, hope and peace to both Sarah and all affected. 

Ella McCabe also made mention to the Safe Zone app, available to download from MyGlasgow for all students, which links up to University Security: “If you feel unsafe while navigating the campus, please remember that you can press the red button on the app and ask a member of security to escort you home.”

The University describes the app as a “must-have for every member of staff and student at the UofG”. It is monitored throughout day and night by Glasgow’s Security team. The app functions by use of buttons: blue for general enquiries or help in a non-emergency situation, and red for emergencies. Upon pressing the red button, your location is immediately shared with the Security staff, and the option to call 999 will also appear. 

To download the Safe Zone app, click here.


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