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Rector elections to require candidates to be re-nominated

By Ollie Rudden

Rector elections were originally due to take place last year but were postponed due to Covid-19.

Last year’s candidates for Rector must refile nomination work if they still wish to run for the position, The Glasgow Guardian can confirm. 

Elections were originally meant to be held in 2020 but were postponed due to Covid-19. But despite this, the University will be reopening nominations, which means last year’s candidates will have to be renominated and submit their paperwork by 12pm on Wednesday 31 March 2021. Manifesto and bibliographies for the candidates can also be updated or kept the same as last year.

Additionally, The Glasgow Guardian can confirm due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions the University is accepting electronic signatures, an email from candidates’ personal email accounts or a student proposer’s email account to confirm they are willing to undertake the role and confirm they have read the information pack and the website. The nomination pack has also been amended to remove the requirement to sign the nomination form allowing email confirmation from the nominee themselves instead.

The University Rector is elected every three years. The role involves attending meetings of the University Court – the University’s governing body, where the holder of the role is entitled to chair meetings. 

For more information on the Rector elections, click here.


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