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Free bus travel extended to under 22s

By Ollie Rudden

The new policy means students in Scotland aged 21 and under will be able to travel via bus at no cost.

Free bus travel will be extended to all residents aged 21 and under in Scotland as a result of the budget passed in March.

The policy came after negotiations between the current Scottish government, a minority SNP administration, and the Scottish Greens, which saw the scheme included to ensure the passage of the budget. 

The introduction of free bus travel for under 21s will mean students will no longer have to pay money for tickets or passes for using private bus services across Glasgow. Students will save hundreds of pounds a year, as currently, annual student bus passes cost between £400 and £500 under First Bus services in the Greater Glasgow area. The move will likely come as a welcome development for home students who require public transport to travel to campus.

John Finnie MSP, the transport spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, stated: “Free bus travel will help to open up Scotland for young people, as well as tackling poverty, saving money for stretched household budgets, building a culture of public transport, and helping to reduce climate emissions from transport.

“This is a massive step to the fairer and greener Scotland that we both want to see. It means that students will save hundreds of pounds in travelling to their campuses, it means families living in poverty can plan a day trip, and it means a whole generation can grow up seeing public transport as the best option.”

Kate Forbes MSP, cabinet secretary for finance, commented: “As we rebuild from Covid, we will support our young people by extending our original commitment to concessionary travel for all under 19s to include everyone up to age 22, giving all 18-21-year-olds free bus travel.”

Free bus travel is already available in Scotland for residents over 60, those with disabilities, and, as of last year, residents aged 19 and under. 


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Peter laing

When does under 22 free bus travel begin?

Alisha Waseen

I heard it starts on the 31/01/22

Robert Menzies

When does free travel for under 21s start?

Alisha Waseen

I heard it starts on the 31/01/22

Robert Menzies

When does free bus travel for under 22s start.

Darren Hair

A date would be helpful for when it starts

Alisha Waseen

I heard it starts after the 31/01/22


A date would be helpful plz.

Alisha Waseen

I heard it starts after the 31/01/22

Martha MacKinnon

Do you need to apply for a pass, or will proof of age do ?

Alisha Waseen

I think you need a young scot card

Alex mccutcheon

This is not free the tax payers will feel the brunt.This is another bribe for votes, people need to wake up.