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New report details Glasgow students’ financial issues during pandemic

By Silas Pease

Findings cover a range of issues faced by students, including rent and financial support.

According to the findings of a new online survey, 88% of Glasgow students feel the pandemic has impacted their ability to work alongside their studies, while only 19% have received financial support through the government’s furlough scheme. These are both significantly different compared to the national averages shown in the survey which stand at 76% and 30% respectively. 

These findings were released by property and letting company OpenRent, who examined the financial impact of the pandemic for students in issues such as rent, employment, and financial support. The survey, which was conducted over a week in mid-February of this year, compiled the responses of 704 students from across the UK and was released as a report earlier this month. 

The pandemic has also had an impact on students searching for jobs, according to this report, with 70% of Glasgow students surveyed believing it has impacted their ability to find work. In terms of rent, 38% of Glasgow students surveyed currently owe at least one month’s rent if not more, which is slightly above the national average. 

The report also found that, across the UK, 14% of students either dropped out or deferred their placement since the start of the pandemic, and 87% have felt that the support they received from the government has been unsatisfactory.


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