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GUU to start serving Tennent’s

By Hordan Junter

GUU finally relents to student pressure and will start serving the popular ‘Big Juicy’ in its many bars.

Glasgow University Union has leaked to The Glasgow Gardening that they will start serving “Big Juicy” commonly known as Tennent’s Lager in their bars once they reopen to the public.

The document also noted: “It was trialed in February in Beer Bar, but for some reason no one showed up.”

The verification of the document comes from an unnamed member of the GUU board of management who said:  “Hopefully we can give it a try because the GlasKnow posts are crowding my feed.” This was apparently not their first attempt as they recalled: “We tried bringing it back before, but everytime they kept just sending us toilet water.” This issue was apparently rectified when they learned they could just buy the beers in bulk at Rajous 2. 

In the leaked documents they also plan to serve new Pints of Fun with Tennent’s. The new Tennent’s themed Pints of Fun will be named after various aspects of student life including, “When’s my SAAS coming in?” Green, “Hive?” Red, and “I’m a GlasKnow BNOC” Blue. 

The Union will be selling the beer at £4.20 per pint and £6.90 for a Tennent’s Pint of Fun. The documents also reveal a plan to run a Tennent’s themed Hive night with an appearance from Scottish actor David Tennant and a screening of the movie Tenant.

Fans of the beer are equally excited, one saying: “Finally, I no longer need to make a wee Tecso run before hitting Kelvingrove.” Another stated: “They can take our money, but they can never take my big juicy.” 

However, The Glasgow Gardening can also reveal the documents state that other popular drinks sold at the Union, such as Blue Moon will be discontinued once reopening due to cost saving measures required for serving Tennent’s in its bars.

This has been controversial with one keen fan of Blue Moon, stating: “I have been a loyal customer to Beer Bar throughout my four years of University, I can’t believe they are now getting rid of my favourite drink because they think blowing their budget on serving Tennent’s is a good business move! On Hive Thursday’s I would drink as many as 10 pints of Blue Moon just like any other normal functioning student does.

“It’s almost like they are trying to stop me coming. It’s not like I’m the only senior honours student who gets so drunk I consistently get sent to the Hive Thursdays sick room, then escape with security and on-duty GUU board members chasing me around the Union. It’s not like I’m in a mid-life crisis as a student or anything like that.”

Although the QMU has not made an official statement, one board member anonymously stated to The Glasgow Gardening they would be working with the Glasgow University Student Tennent’s Union (GUSTC) to also attempt to get “Big Juicy” into their bars. 

No date has been confirmed for the roll out nor the party, but details will be posted here when they become available. To read the leaked documents, click here.


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