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Glasgow shortlisted for Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2021

By Rachael Wilson

The facilities awarded include The Lighthouse Laboratory for its contribution to the Covid-19 response.

The University of Glasgow has been nominated for four Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2021. The Awards commemorate academic and business partnerships and the remarkable work they achieve, and Glasgow has been recently shortlisted. 

The University of Glasgow has received two shortlistings for the “Powerful Partnerships” category, which is awarded to an academic business collaboration for both their long-term strategic partnering and the benefits to both parties as a result of their knowledge exchange. Two leading academics from the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, Professor Fiona MacPherson and Dr Neil McDonnell, have been shortlisted in this category, as a result of their partnership with Sublime. Their creation “Edify” is a virtual reality (VR) learning platform providing students with VR teaching at home. Also shortlisted is CENSIS, hosted by the University, in partnership with Thales UK, the University of West of Scotland, and Police Scotland. CENSIS has developed AI technology which is able to identify missing and vulnerable people.

The Scotland 5G Centre is shortlisted in the “Multiparty Collaboration” category, which awards groups and consortia for working together on an innovative research project. The Centre’s founding partners include the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde, and Scottish Futures. They have been shortlisted for their collaboration with industry, the research community, and the Scottish government, responsible for the acceleration of the deployment of 5G in Scotland. 

A new category has been established this year: the “Covid-19 Collaborative Response”. This is awarded to those who collaborated to create an innovative product, process or service in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Lighthouse Laboratory in Glasgow, hosted by the University at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, has been shortlisted for their Covid-19 testing facility. The facility was established in partnership with both BioAscent and the University of Dundee, being later developed and managed by the University of Glasgow.


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