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University societies ‘Go the Extra Mile’ for charity

By Chole Coldwell

TEDx UofG, GU Hispanic Society, and Physiology Society took part to raise money for Cancer Research UK and the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

A number of University societies have taken part in “Go the Extra Mile” activities and raised money for charity.

TEDx University of Glasgow, Glasgow University Hispanic Society (GUHS), and the Physiology Society all took part with their members raising money for both Cancer Research UK and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

The Physiology Society, who challenged its members to walk 10k steps a day, raised over £550 and TEDx, who were running the length of a marathon during March, raised £450 for the same charity. The Hispanic Society’s March Mental Health Marathon event saw the society collect over £1,500 for SAMH with some members completing the distance multiple times before the end of the challenge.

Fiona Gillespie, well-being officer for GUHS was proud to announce that over 30 students took part both in Scotland and abroad, as the society comprises of Spanish-speakers from around the world. Reflecting on the achievements of the group, Gillespie said that the committee “were shocked to see how much support the marathon quickly gathered” and, in the end, the club reached a fundraising total that was three time higher than their original target.

With these events occurring during strict lockdown regulations in Scotland, they demonstrate how the University’s club and societies have risen to the challenge of engaging with students without in-person events, with several of them raising money for good causes in the process.


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Fi Gillespie

Great article, Chloe! Well done to all the societies!