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MyGlasgow student portal getting new ‘fancy’ upgrade on 15 April

By Ollie Rudden

The new upgrade will allow students to check how busy the library is.

The MyGlasgow student portal is getting a new “fancy” upgrade this week.

Confirmed on the University of Glasgow Library’s social media pages, the new portal upgrade is set to launch 15 April and will maintain all of its current features as well as new additional features.

Among the new additional features include the ability to check how busy the library is, allowing students to easily check on your MyGlasgow homepage without having to go through various pages of the library website or use the UofG Life app. This feature comes as the library has only allowed a capped number of students to enter and study due to Covid-19 restrictions, often reaching full capacity during weekdays. It is hoped this feature will allow students to make better judgement on whether to go to the library or just study at home.

Other new features include allowing students to see top #TeamUofG Student Newsletter stories so students can keep up to date with any news regarding the University and allow students to get the latest updates regarding Covid-19 from the University.

According to the Library’s Facebook page, it appears the upgrade was originally due to launch on 12 April but have recently announced its launch date for Thursday 15 April. We can expect the revamp to come on 15 April unless delayed again.


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