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Freshers’ Week helper applications open to students

By Ollie Rudden

Students have until 30 April to send their applications to GUU, QMU and GUSA to play a big part in this year’s Freshers’ Week festivities. 

Applications to become a Freshers’ helper for the student unions this September have now opened. Students can now apply to become helpers for Freshers’ Week for GUU, QMU and GUSA, while applications for the SRC will likely open at a later date.

Freshers’ helping is considered a big part of Freshers’ Week at the University of Glasgow where helpers welcome new students to the University. The QMU also states it as a good way to make new friends and gain new skills.

The GUU has also provided some feedback and advice for students looking to apply. This includes keeping answers “short” and “concise” but not just single sentences as they “can’t grasp much” about applicants with answers that are too brief. Other advice includes keeping a good balance between seriousness and humour, ensuring your application catches their eye for interviews (including funny stories or unique achievements are said to help with this) and stressing that the blank canvases section is very important, to the point they “make or break” applications.

Freshers’ Week did take place last year but had many of its in-person events cancelled due to increases in Covid-19 rates. It is unknown how applications will be affected following last year’s events and the Unions being closed for most of the academic year.

In order to apply to be a helper, you must have membership of the union you are applying to.

To apply to become a GUU helper, click here.

To apply to become a QMU helper, click here.

To apply to become a GUSA helper, click here


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