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GUU’s alumni association set to relaunch

By Ollie Rudden

Early plans hope to have a large Hive night for students who missed out last year due to Covid-19.

The GUU are set to relaunch their own alumni association, as part of Friends of GUU.

Blake Gray, the former honorary secretary of the GUU, revealed some of these upcoming plans on Facebook. While arrangements are in their early stages, Gray did reveal they intend to hold a large Hive night for students who had missed out on popular Union socials following Covid-19 restrictions from March last year.

Commenting on Facebook, the former honorary secretary stated: “We’re currently in process of relaunching our alumni association, and part of the plans is to have a large Hive night, especially for folks who’ve missed out on a last night due to Covid. Plans are early but if you follow the Friends of GUU Facebook page, you’ll be kept right up to date with them as they progress.”

Friends of GUU is an association run by the Union which seeks to ensure financial stability of the Union, continue life-changing experiences for students, and to reach out to alumni to help protect and maintain the legacy of the GUU. The GUU is known for valuing alumni, and indeed their Vice President position is only applicable to GUU alumni. 


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