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GUU to reopen as study space today

By Ollie Rudden

This will be the first time the GUU has opened its doors since it was forced to close in late 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Social media text: For the first time this year the GUU will finally open its doors as a study space for students! But sadly pints of fun will have to wait just yet 🙁

The GUU has announced that they will finally be reopening today  Wednesday 21 April. This will be the first time they have opened their doors to students this year. Making the announcement on their social media pages, the GUU confirmed that they will be reopening to students as a place of study, just in time for the examination season.

Amy Briggs, newly elected President of the GUU confirmed further details to The Glasgow Guardian of their reopening and what procedures will be in place:

“GUU will be opening as a study space from Wednesday 21st April. We will be opening the Drawing Room, Reading Room, both Elliot and Bridie Libraries, Debates Chamber and Dining Room giving us an approximate capacity of 110 study spaces. The building will be open from 9am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. 

“Once we hit capacity no more students will be allowed in and queueing won’t be allowed, however we will be giving updates on our capacities via our social media accounts and the UofG life app. 

“Students will be required to sign into the space for track and trace and this will be collected when they enter. Masks must be worn at all times, unless medically exempt, and all study spaces are set up at 2m[metre] social distance spacing. Students will be expected to sanitize their desks before and after use. Any students found not following rules will be asked to leave.

“On the 26th April, the drawing room will be changed into a more relaxed study space and the coffee shop will be opened where students can buy hot and cold drinks.”

The GUU President also confirmed to The Glasgow Guardian that students should be encouraged to ensure their technological equipment is fully charged as there are limited power sources in the building, although there will be charging stations set up in some of the rooms. You can keep up to date with the GUU by following their Facebook page here.


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