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Thriving learners study to focus on mental health and wellbeing of students in Scotland

By Giselle Inglis

This first-of-its-kind study hopes to get an understanding of how successful mental health measures are for students.

The University of Glasgow is supporting the Mental Health Foundation as part of Universities Scotland to undertake the Thriving Learners Study. 

This is the first study of its kind, focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of students in Scotland and aiming to gain an understanding of how successful the current mental health welfare measures are for university students. The Foundation and Universities Scotland hope the study will lead to recommendations on prevention, early intervention, and the support of learners’ mental health and wellbeing within higher education institutions. 

The study will be undertaken over two years throughout 2021. The first year will focus on university students. The research will be undertaken with students and their student associations, academic and professional staff. There will also be research into the Scottish Funding Council and the Scottish government. The second year, which will begin in August 2021, will concentrate on college students. 

The Mental Health Foundation states that the Thriving Learners Study will identify what works within the existing mental health and wellbeing provisions that are offered to students currently. By researching the experiences of students and staff at universities and colleges across Scotland, recommendations can be offered for improvements that will promote mentally healthy lives for students. 

Julie Cameron, Associate Director of Mental Health Foundation commented: “Young adulthood represents such an important time for development, and it’s vital we speak to them directly to understand what challenges their mental health, as well as protects and promotes it, and introduces ways to help them reach their full potential.”

Professor Pamela Gillies, lead member for Mental Health at Universities Scotland and principal of Glasgow Caledonian University stated: “The sector in Scotland is committed to ensure that they can help every student to flourish during their time at university”.


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