Credit to: The Kraken

‘Ice Clean’: The Kraken’s ice cream protest comes to Glasgow

By Luke Chafer

The Kraken-PADI AWARE partnership aims to emphasise the impact of UK beach litter on the environment to staycationers

This Saturday 21 August, The Kraken Rum, in partnership with ocean conservation charity PADI AWARE, is giving away a new “protest” ice cream across Glasgow in an attempt to raise awareness amongst holidaymakers about the impact of litter on the UK’s beaches. 

The “Ice Clean” event aims to draw attention to the recent figures from the PADI AWARE Foundation which report a 36% drop in the amount of ocean waste collected throughout lockdown, equating to the weight of three-and-a-half killer whales. The event will be hosted across three sites in the city: Platform, between 3pm and 6pm; Bowlerama, at 7pm until 10pm; and 1051 GWR, from 7pm to 11pm. 

All proceeds from the sale of the ice cream, set to cost £1 a serving, and to be topped with 3D-printed edible toppings representing the top polluters in the ocean, will go to the PADI AWARE Foundation. The Kraken has also pledged to match each donation pound for pound. 

The nationwide roll-out, which is coming to Glasgow this weekend, aims to act as a gentle nudge to remind staycation holiday goers to recycle and properly dispose of litter this summer. 

PADI AWARE Foundation have so far used donations to secure international policies for vulnerable shark and ray species, removed two million pieces of rubbish from the ocean, and continue to contribute to brand new scientific research on marine debris.

To find out more about the “Ice Clean” event, go to The Kraken’s Facebook page. To donate to PADI AWARE Foundation, click here.


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