Credit: University of Glasgow Freshers' Week 2021

Unions join forces for freshers’ week

By Lucy Dunn

For the first time in Glasgow University history, Glasgow University Union and Queen Margaret Union have united to provide a unique freshers’ experience

Historically both unions host separate freshers’ weeks, but this year, Glasgow University Union (GUU) and Queen Margaret Union (QMU) have linked their freshers’ week plans. With a variety of daytime events freely available for all University of Glasgow students, alongside nighttime events purely for incoming freshers, the unions are bringing “The Home of Glasgow Student Nightlife” to all Glasgow students across the next 10 days. 

Access to events is guaranteed by a FW2021 wristband, available for free to all freshers from either unions, upon showing either your student ID or confirmation of studies email, and photo ID. 

Daytime events include vintage, poster, and plant sales at both unions; GUU’s Big Fat Freshers’ Quiz; QMU’s Very Useful Drag Bingo; and numerous society taster sessions. At night, both clubbing and live music is on offer, with QMU hosting their Freshers’ Beach Party and sing-along Massaoke nights, complimenting GUU’s Local Musician’s Night, featuring Joshua Grant and the popular Kelvingrove Park jazz band Swang. The GUSA Freshers’ Fight Night is to take place on Wednesday 15 September at the GUU, with further R&B and “cheesy hits” nights at the QMU later in the week. 

The clubbing doesn’t stop there, though: QMU are also hosting a “Refreshers” night the following weekend, on Saturday 18 September, to make up for “the night we never got” in the freshers’ week of 2020. The entire programme with a full list of events is available on the freshers’ week dedicated website, found here.

This year, QMU is back with a brand new selection of Red Bull cocktails and a takeaway food truck to cater to cravings before and after nights out. The Union has a “proud history of live music” and is planning to put a strong focus on promoting up and coming local musicians. 

GUU, meanwhile, are offering both pints of fun and cocktails on tap, and with its four standing committees, the Union emphasised its ability to “cover a lot of interests within the student body” and this year plans to students enjoy the opportunity to experience a “huge range of events”.

To find out more about the Unions, have a look at their Facebook pages, with GUU here and QMU here, and check the freshers’ website to ensure you don’t miss out on any of this year’s events!


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