Credit: Sound Walk September

‘Running Shoes’ theatre piece is released by University of Glasgow student

By Emily Menger-Davies

A theatre piece that focuses on survivors testimony as part of the Sound Walk September festival, Glasgow student Zariana Dolan releases “Running Shoes”.

Content warning: mention of sexual assault.

Running Shoes presents testimonies from UofG students who have experienced instances of abuse in and around campus. The piece questions the measures they take to feel safe when walking alone and ponders what they would do if men stopped existing for 24 hours. 

Creator Zarina Dolan says she was “inspired to make the piece after a string of warnings and worries about the safety of the university campus after a string of sexual assaults in previous years”.

The Sound Walk September festival takes place throughout the month of September, culminating with the Sound Walk September Award at the end of the month, explores listening to audio pieces whilst walking as an art form. The festival is organised by “walk · listen · create” which aims to promote the art of walking and art while walking. Soundwalks are submitted from around the globe with pieces from locations like Canada and Norway as well as the UK.

Babak Fakhamzadeh, a producer at the organisation commented: “Sound Walks are a great way to demystify and democratise art. You can take part in your local area. You can attend an event scheduled in a physical space alongside other participants. You can download a walk and do it at a time of your choosing. Or you can attend one of the online events.”

Zarina Dolan said: “Being involved with Sound Walk September has been fantastic and I hope my piece Running Shoes will encourage more people to take part, and to look at the wider programme for inspiration, too. At a time when the world can seem divided and when art has often been overlooked, Sound Walk September provides a welcome way to come together and to access and appreciate art.”

Running Shoes is available to listen for free through the SoundCloud app and more sound walks can be found on the walk · listen · create website. There are also a series of online and in-person events throughout the month. Artists can submit pieces via their website, host an in-person or online event, or enter in the Sound Walk September Award.


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