Credit: SWAG - Successful Women At Glasgow

SWAG host vigil for Sabina Nessa at Kelvingrove Park today

By Ollie Rudden

The vigil will be taking place all day at the Jubilee Gates with students encouraged to bring mementoes to honour Sabina.

Successful Women At Glasgow (SWAG) invite students to come and attend an all-day vigil at Kelvingrove Park being held in honour of Sabina Nessa.

The vigil is taking place by the Jubilee Gates in Kelvingrove Park, having started at 9am, where members of SWAG’s committee will be attending and greeting students taking part.

SWAG is also encouraging students and other members of the public to bring and leave something of importance, ranging from candles, flowers, notes and posters to stand in solidarity with Sabrina Nessa and other women who have suffered gender-based abuse.

The event is to take place all day with members of the SWAG committee attending from 9 am till 7 pm, whereby that time the committee will collect the mementoes left by attendees “for safekeeping!”

A spokesperson for SWAG told The Glasgow Guardian: “The vigil is happening on Thursday the 30th of September in remembrance of Sabina Nessa and in solidarity with all those who have experienced gender-based violence. Anyone is welcome to attend from 9am to 7pm to pay their respect, reflect and recognise the effects gender-based violence has. People are encouraged to leave something of importance to them (flowers, letters, poems, etc) at the gates by Park Circus at the top of the hill in Kelvingrove Park, more info on how to get there is on our Instagram, @swaglasgow.

“This is the second time in 6 months we have had to hold a vigil such as this one and communities around the UK have been shattered. However, it is important to recognise that instances of gender-based violence happen everywhere, every day. These are not one-off instances. They can happen to anyone and therefore, everyone needs to be part of the solution. If you would like to take an extra step in supporting victim-survivors, or you yourself need support, look into local organisation such as Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis, Glasgow Women’s Aid and Amina Muslim Women Resource Centre.”

Sabina Nessa, 28, was a primary school teacher who was murdered in South-East London while making a trip to visit a friend. A vigil was recently held in George Square in memory of Sabina.

SWAG – Successful Women At Glasgow are a feminist platform at the University of Glasgow that celebrates the success of women at the University and around the world, hoping to empower students via various events and talks. You can keep up to date with SWAG and all of their events by following their Facebook page.


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