Credit: Glasgow University Union

GUU requiring proof of double vaccination for entry to Hive

By Ollie Rudden

Proof of double vaccination status will also be required from moving from inside the main building to the extension where Hive and The Well are based.

The GUU has announced that proof of double vaccination will be required for entering their nightclubs Hive and The Well starting from tonight (7 October, 2021).

The announcement was made on 6 October on their social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. The move follows the Covid-19 regulations of the Scottish government, where it was recently made law that nightclubs and other events with high capacities are required to only permit guests who have proof of receiving two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Showing proof of double vaccination will also be required for entering the GUU nightclubs from inside the GUU when moving from the main building, which houses institutions as the Beer Bar and Debates Chamber to the extension which houses the nightclubs Hive and The Well. 

The GUU says that they will be accepting any legal proof of double vaccination of Covid-19 for entry up until 19 October. This is due to on-going issues with the NHS Scotland Covid Status app where many people have suffered issues from using the app.

The law recently came into effect on Friday 1st October, 2021 although it will not be properly enforced until 18 October to allow venues to test their procedures.

Announcing the new rules, the GUU stated that they wanted to keep its members and staff safe and described the new regulations as a “new way of doing so”.

You can download the NHS Scotland Covid Status App on the App Store for iPhone here and on Google Play for Android here.


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