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£10,000 awarded to local projects through Partick and Thornwood ‘Ideas Fund’

By Janka Deák

Residents have their say on shaping the future of their community.

The results of the Autumn launch of the Partick and Thornwood Ideas Fund have been announced, bringing an end to a fruitful venture of local civic participation. 760 residents contributed a vote between 21-28 September, with the fund allocating a total of £10,000 to 13 different projects. Awardees included Centurion Way Growers, Dowanvale Free Church Foodbank and Partick Pluckers. 

The initiatives will provide Christmas baskets for users of the Dowanvale Free Church Foodbank, free CDs for care homes, and community-based lessons encouraging the establishment of sustainable food gardens for local residents. 

The “Ideas Fund” is a participatory budgeting (PB) project run by Annexe Communities and funded by the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund. It supports active citizenship, encouraging local residents to prioritise their needs and utilise direct forms of participation in the distribution of public resources. 

A spokesperson for Knit and Natter at the Annexe, one of the successful awardees, commented:  “This is a great source of funding, allowing local people to make local decisions – democracy in action!” Annexe Communities are encouraging local volunteers to become active in the project, and you can find more details here

The launch of the next funding campaign is scheduled for January 2022. Individuals will be able to apply for up to £500 and groups for up to £1,000 going towards ideas that will further benefit the Partick and Thornwood area. For the full results list, and list of projects, click here.

For more information on The Partick and Thornwood Ideas Fund, visit their website here or follow their project @annexepartick on Facebook or @PTideasfund on Twitter.


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