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Manifesto Analysis: SRC Postgraduate Convenor for Science and Engineering

By Ollie Rudden

Three students are running for the role of Postgraduate Convenor for the College of Science and Engineering in the SRC autumn elections for which voting commences on 14 October. Deputy News Editor Ollie Rudden reports.

Arundhathi Pushpagaran

Arundhathi describes herself as a “friendly and easy-going” person who enjoys meeting new people and one who will take pride in being elected to the role. She notes about her prior experience as an undergraduate where she undertook a variety of roles in positions of responsibility such as Head of Public Relations of Indian Concrete Institute – CET Student Chapter and Co-ordinator of numerous Department and college level events. She notes that her experience in these roles acquired her the skills of “patience, persistence and determination” which she believes are important and beneficial to being a Postgraduate Convenor.

Diksha Choudhary

Diksha bases her manifesto mostly on social justice. She discusses the importance of standing up for people, particularly the underrepresented such as lgbtq+ and underrepresented genders. She mentions how Scotland became the first country in the world to introduce mandatory lgbtq+ history in the curriculum and said it would be an “honour” to contribute “even a little bit” to the cause. She admits her manifesto is not one where she talks all about her “leadership potential” but does hope to be able to bring change, even if it’s small.

Mufeed Patel

Mufeed describes himself as someone who loves science “very much” and going as far to call the subject his “all-time friend”. His manifesto is mostly based on skills development and improving student networking, something Mufeed claims to have “pretty good experience” in. Mufeed says his priority is to create more opportunities for students in regards to experiencing more technology events. To do this he will make it “routine” to speak to students, course reps, committees, staff and even external organisations to create new strategies to improve student engagement and bring in various speakers to do talks on various subjects within the subject areas of the college. 


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