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Winter graduations to take place this year as UofG confirms commitment to hold postponed graduations

By Athina Bohner

This winter will mark the first time on-campus graduations take place since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the postponement of in-person graduations since the Covid-19 outbreak, winter graduations are scheduled to take place on campus this year between Monday 29 November and Friday 10 December 2021. Additionally, the University of Glasgow has confirmed its commitment to holding ceremonies for 2020 and summer 2021 graduates in the future.

Due to limited seating capacity, graduates are only guaranteed one guest ticket to attend the ceremony in Bute Hall this winter, as well as one additional ticket for a guest to watch a live broadcast of the ceremony in a venue on campus. 

According to the graduation webpage, there is a possibility that graduates may receive two guest tickets to attend Bute Hall, depending on the number of students who enrol for graduation. Further updates on this are expected to be published here on Monday, 18 October. 

In addition, the graduation ceremonies will be broadcast online live in order to allow family members and friends to watch from around the world.

Furthermore, the University announced: “We are committed to holding graduation events for graduates from 2020 and summer 2021. We will share details of all the events planned once they have been fully confirmed.” 

As published on the UofG graduation webpage, summer 2022 graduation dates are provisionally planned for 22 June-6 July 2022, whilst winter 2022 ceremonies are currently expected to take place from 28 November-16 December 2022. However, it is still unclear in what manner 2020 and summer 2021 graduates will be included in future graduation ceremonies. 

At this time, winter 2021 graduating students are urged to check that their academic record is correct and ensure that they have no outstanding tuition debts. It is imperative that all eligible students enrol to graduate by the deadline (Friday 8 October 2021) and one which has been extended multiple times. 

Despite its overarchingly hopeful tone, the University notes that “graduation events may be subject to change due to Scottish government guidance on Covid-19” and “under no circumstances shall the University be liable for any actual or alleged loss by the ticket holder or another arising from the cancellation or postponement of the event”.

Please click here for further information on enrollment for Winter 2021 graduations, as well as for specific ceremony timetables.


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