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Glasgow announces city-wide infrastructure for cyclists

By Jamie McGuire

The council hopes to make Glasgow’s cyclists feel safe on the roads.

Glasgow city council have announced their plans to build a city-wide infrastructure to enable cyclists to feel safe on the roads. The new set-up will comprise the introduction of cycleways and pathways, an initiative that hopes to encourage Glaswegians to be active, consequently lowering emissions to better help the environment.

This scheme aims at one day making everywhere in Glasgow accessible through active travel with the current proposal resulting in cyclists being able to get anywhere in the city within an hour while reaching most of the city in 30 minutes. As a consequence of this new initiative, congestion will be minimal with fewer citizens driving, resulting in clearer roads for those outside the city who need to travel by car to access their workplace.

Along with aiming to mitigate the climate crisis, the project will make cyclists feel safer on the road. It is estimated that the project will cost the Scottish government around £470m, which will be financed through the national active travel budget. The national active travel strategy was presented with findings on how to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis and provide for a sustainable future.

You can read the active travel strategy by clicking here.


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