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Glasgow Ranked 4th Best Foodie Destination in the UK in 2021

By Genevieve Brown

Our beloved city gets credit where it’s due.

Glasgow has been ranked as one of the best large foodie destinations in the UK in 2021. A study by specialist insurer Ripe Caravans compared 40 locations across the UK and awarded Glasgow 4th place. There were seven criteria assessed for the decision, such as the number of lunch spots specialising in local food; caravan sites with a pub nearby; and Michelin-starred restaurants within 10 miles.

 Further reasons for Glasgow’s foodie victory this year include the fact that the city contains 200 pubs that serve meals alongside alcohol. Glasgow also hosts 15 restaurants within five miles of the city centre that have been awarded an AA rosette for the high-quality food they offer. The city attained 412 points in total to win 4th place in the ranking. Its score was boosted by the fact that it hosts an annual food festival, Eat and Drink Fest Glasgow. The city also benefited from restaurant Cail Bruich having recently been awarded a coveted Michelin star. 

“The city also benefited from restaurant Cail Bruich having recently been awarded a coveted Michelin star.

 The West End is doing well for restaurants. Cail Bruich is located there and the research found that Glasgow’s most popular eateries were Ox and Finch in Finnieston; The Gannet, also in Finnieston; and Number Sixteen in Partick. While these might be unrealistic for the typical student budget, you should keep an eye out for The Glasgow Guardian’s regular guides for more affordable suggestions of the best spots to eat and drink!

 Managing director of Ripe Caravans John Woosey said: “Glasgow is well worth its top four spot. Not only is it a beautiful place to visit, but, as our research shows, it also contains plenty of culinary hotspots where you can relax and enjoy some first-class British cuisine”. The other cities listed in the top five foodie destinations were Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Birmingham. However, at time of writing none of these locations had a single pizza crunch available for purchase.


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