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‘Girls Night In’ campaigns for female boycott of nightclubs on Thursday 28 October

By Ollie Rudden

Girls Night In’s media campaign are asking women to stay in on Thursday 28 October in protest of nightclubs “refusing to take seriously people’s safety”.

A new social media campaign is asking females across the country to boycott clubbing on Thursday 28 October in protest of nightclubs and other venues not taking the protection of females seriously. “Girls Night In” is a national campaign protesting against clubs who “refuse to take people’s safety seriously” and are urging women across the country to take part. The campaign went underway following multiple stories of women who have experienced their drinks being “spiked” during nights out.

“Girls Night In Glasgow” have also shared stories on their social media pages, including Instagram, where girls have named and shamed popular venues following their drinks reportedly being spiked. These venues included popular nightclubs in Glasgow such as Firewater, Bamboo, Nice ‘N’ Sleazys, Sanctuary, The Polo Lounge, and SWG3. 

One woman claims to have been spiked at The Buff Club via an injection, and another in Mango along with her friend, both waking up to explicit images of “dick pics” on their phones. Another claimed to have been spiked at Glasgow University’s Hive during Freshers’ Week and “couldn’t remember what happened”.

In addition to the proposed nationwide protest, a petition has also been launched asking the UK government to make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests on entry in an effort to better protect people clubbing at their venues. The petition, started by Hannah Thomson, wants the government to ensure nightclubs are searching guests on arrival for any harmful weapons and other items before being permitted entry. Thomson stated: “There are too many cases of weapons and “date rape” drugs being used in clubs. It begs the question: why aren’t nightclubs required to do more to prevent harmful items making it into their clubs?”

The petition currently has over 65,000 signatures at the time of writing and the government is set to respond within three days. If the petition receives over 100,000 signatures then a parliamentary debate on the petition will be considered.

You can follow Girls Night In on their social media pages such as Instagram by clicking here.To sign the petition, click here.


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