Credit: GlasKnow 2.0

GlasKnow falsely reports campus stabbing

By Jordan Hunter

Sources have confirmed that the reported stabbing on GlasKnow is false.

An anonymous GlasKnow 2.0 post exploded this week alleging that the University was not informing students about an alleged stabbing occurring on campus. This comes after students fearing personal safety with the raised concerns regarding spiking. The University has been criticised in the past for the lack of transparency it provides for crimes committed on campus and no emails were sent to students about the alleged incident.

A BBC Scotland reporter has confirmed to The Glasgow Guardian that Police Scotland did not respond to an alleged stabbing on campus, but that the police on campus were attending to another undisclosed issue. The post has since been removed by the GlasKnow admins. A GlasKnow admin responded to The Glasgow Guardian confirming that the post was misinformation, and that they had received a message about the veracity of the post and decided to take it down. GlasKnow admins further explained that while they have no specific misinformation policy, if a complaint is made about a post regarding this, it will be removed. 

Facebook has been cracking down on misinformation, putting many anonymous posting pages like GlasKnow 2.0 in doubt, as many of the posts are unverifiable at the point of submission.


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