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University of Glasgow unveils new ‘Extended Reality’ programme

By Patrick Gaffey

Extended reality technology will enhance students’ learning experience, with the programme based in the James Watt South building.

The University of Glasgow unveiled its new “Extended Reality” programme on 1 October, which is based in the James Watt South building. 

Extended Reality (XR) is a technology which allows users to interact with computer-generated simulations, using the tools of virtual reality and augmented reality. The centre was created by the University in partnership with the XR company, EON Reality. EON Reality uses 5G technology to create a “knowledge metaverse” which can be accessed through headsets or mobile phones.

Dr Sajjad Hussain, senior lecturer at the School of Engineering, described this as “an opportunity to redefine and reshape the future of education”. All subject areas in the University will be able to use the system to enhance their teaching. Teachers will be able to create 3D models, which their students can interact with for a more immersive experience of study.

The University has already established connections with XR systems in two of its partner institutions: the Singapore Institute of Technology and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, which both also enjoy access to the XR system.

This revolutionary technology will bring major changes to teaching at the University of Glasgow, and around the world. Frank Coton, Vice Principal of the University, said: “The University of Glasgow has been at the forefront of the development of education for 570 years, and it’s through partnerships like this one that we are continuing that tradition.”


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