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Kelvin Way closing to traffic ahead of COP26

By Ollie Rudden

All traffic, including walkers will be barred from walking down Kelvin Way from Friday 29 October to Tuesday 2 November, and again from Friday 5 November to Saturday 6 November.

Glasgow city council has announced that Kelvin Way will be closed to all traffic, including walkers, for much of the duration of COP26.

The closures will begin this Friday 29 October until Tuesday 2 November, and then again close from Friday 5 November to Saturday 6 November. 

However, the council did say that pedestrian access to Kelvingrove Park will still be available from Friday 29 October to Tuesday 2 November.

The council stated that as COP26 is set to run from 31 October to 12 November, there is the need to to make required preparations due to the “significance” of the event and that due to the high profile of attendees, which includes heads of states such as President Joe Biden of the United States and Queen Elizabeth II, there will be a significant security operation underway during the event which is the reason for various road closures such as Kelvin Way.

Work on the temporary closures at Kelvin Way have begun today (Monday 25 October) which will see the temporary removal of street furniture and decorative planters for the event. The council adds they will be put back in place on Monday 8 November.

For more information on road closures and help to prepare you can visit the Get Ready Glasgow website by clicking here.


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I find it very sad that the conference, although “proudly hosted in Glasgow”, continues to show it wants nothing to do with the people of Glasgow. Everyday people are continuing to suffer in the name of “security”. Why are they even on Kelvin Way? So they can show off the nice parts of Glasgow without ever having to cross paths with the locals? I hope their sterile experience of our beautiful city is as underwhelming as the results of the last 25 COPS.